NAS Whidbey Island Community

Public Works


Wolf Creek Federal Services Inc.

Trouble Desk: 360-257-3358
Transportation: 360-257-3133
Requirements/Work Control: 360-257-6491/3354
Self-Help Customer Service: 360-257-8962
Recycling: 360-257-5481

The Public Works Department (PWD) is responsible for the planning, design, construction, maintenance and repair of all roads, grounds, utilities and facilities on the air station as well as management of environmental programs and recycling. PWD executes its mission through one of its four main divisions: Facilities Management (Requirements, Planning and Self-Help), Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Division, Production (Utilities, Energy and Recycling), and Environmental Management.

The PWD team administers construction contracts, as well as the North Sound Base Operating Support Contract (BOSC) and the contract for grounds maintenance and janitorial services, providing a liaison between station customers and the contractors who perform the work.

Public Works Department provides:
  • Planning and space management for facilities.
  • Transportation services.
  • Architectural and engineering services.
  • Environmental management.
  • Energy conservation programs.
  • Weight-handling equipment program.
  • Maintenance via the BOSC.
  • Grounds maintenance and janitorial services via New Leaf Inc.
  • Utilities services.
  • Solid waste disposal and recycling services.
  • Self-help program.
  • Wolf Creek Federal Services Inc., the Base Operating Support Contractor, provides:
  • Emergency and service work reception desk.
  • Maintenance, repair and alteration of facilities and infrastructure.
  • Maintenance structures, paved areas and pest control.
  • Utilities systems operations and maintenance.
  • Transportation operations and maintenance.
  • Storage and warehousing.
  • Supply operations.
  • Operation and maintenance of Air Start Systems.
  • Environmental services.
  • Refuse and recycling collection services.
  • Weight-handling equipment (cranes) support and services.

Environmental Division

This division in Building 103 provides a full range of environmental program management and compliance support services to fleet and tenant activities.

The Environmental Division oversees environmental compliance requirements of the installation by working with regulatory agencies and process owners to develop appropriate implementation strategies. Engineers and scientists plan and coordinate projects to prevent pollution, reduce waste, achieve compliance, clean up contamination and manage natural and cultural resources, as well as the installation hunting program. This division also reviews all station projects to secure permits and approvals and meet regulatory requirements, as well as manages spill response and hazardous waste services. It provides training, guidance and a variety of support services, as well as monitoring regulatory and permit compliance by the BOSC and work centers.

Self-Help Division

The Self-Help Division in Building 2761 provides lumber, paint and other materials and tools needed to renovate or rehab workspaces or otherwise enhance facilities to make a customer’s job more comfortable and efficient.

If a command has a do-it-yourself project in mind, but lacks the expertise to design it, or qualified personnel to execute it, Self-Help can provide assistance. Personnel can check out hand tools and power tools. Self-Help also provides supervised use of the wood shop in Building 2761.

Recycle Division

Navy Whidbey Recycle, in Building 2555, provides recycling and composting services to base commands and departments through routine and call-in collections. In addition, the facility has a comprehensive drop-off program for recyclable materials that is open to military, DOD civilians, retirees and family members five days a week, excluding federal holidays and weather events. If your material is something not accepted at this facility, call to see if Recycling can help find an acceptable way to dispose of the item.

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