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State of Washington

Washington Traffic Safety Commission
Nonemergency 360-725-9860

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission is the federally recognized highway safety office of Washington state. It leads statewide efforts and builds partnerships to save lives and prevent injuries on the roadways for the health, safety, and benefit of communities.

Washington State Patrol

Nonemergency 360-596-4000

The Washington State Patrol, the state police agency, is one of two state law enforcement agencies considered to be a general authority law enforcement agency, the other agency being the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The nearly 600 Washington State Patrol officers patrol highways daily and are known as troopers although they are frequently colloquially referred to as staters. More than 1,000 additional civilian employees include investigative support staff, such as crime lab technicians and scientists, and those who work for the state fire marshal.

Emergency Management Division

Nonemergency 253-512-8000

The Washington Emergency Management Division of Emergency Management plans for and responds to natural and man-made disasters. Visit the division’s website for a severe weather awareness guide and other preparedness information.

Island County
Emergency Management

Nonemergency 360-679-7370

The Department of Emergency Management is responsible for emergency management within Island County to include planning and coordinating actions for the preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery from natural and man-made emergencies and disasters. Visit the office’s website for the county’s disaster planning guide and other disaster preparedness information, and to sign up for emergency alerts.

Fire and Rescue

Nonemergency 360-675-1131


Nonemergency 360-679-7310

Fire & Rescue

Nonemergency 360-678-3602

Police Department

Nonemergency 360-679-9567


Nonemergency 360-321-4400

Police Department

Nonemergency 360-221-4433

Oak Harbor
Fire Department

Nonemergency 360-279-4700

Police Department

Nonemergency 360-679-9567

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