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Supply Department Team Whidbey Supply

Supply Department Team Whidbey Supply

The Supply Department provides general and aviation material support to fleet and reserve squadrons, tenant activities and other departments; oversees fuel facilities, bulk fuel storage and the Navy Official Mail postal services; operates the “5 Star” accredited Galley and Combined Bachelor Quarters (Unaccompanied Housing); and handles Customer Service and Physical Distribution functions providing services for moving and storing personal property. The department is made up of personnel from Naval Supply (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center Puget Sound, Commander, Electronic Attack Wing U.S. Pacific Fleet, and NAS Whidbey Island.

Supply Officer, NAS Whidbey Island: 360-257-6399

(Site Director, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Puget Sound/N41, Commander, Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet; see COMVAQWINGPAC for Aviation Support Department listings.)

Material Division — NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Puget Sound

This division is responsible for storage, warehousing and supply operations and ensuring proper management of all items stocked in the Building 369 warehouse. Additionally, it provides the flight line issues of Liquid Oxygen (LOX) and Liquid Nitrogen, DRMO collection and forklift training.

Material Control Officer: 360-257-6487
Deputy Director: 360-257-6488
Warehouse Supervisor: 360-257-6611
Warehouse LCPO: 360-257-6489
Receiving Floor: 360-257-6480
SDR/TDR/Forklift Training: 360-257-6482
Shipping: 360-257-2386
LOX Facility: 360-257-2705
Defense Reutilization & Marketing
Appointments: 360-257-6745
Customer Service: 360-257-1392
Supply Tech: 360-257-1391

COMVAQWINGPAC Aviation Support Department


This division’s charter is to establish and continually refine the process of inventory accuracy and accountability for all material in stock at NAS Whidbey Island. The Quality Assurance (QA) team can be seen throughout the air station daily, conducting physical inventories of stock; performing location surveys, quality control checks and intensive reconciliation efforts in all Supply functional areas; and obtaining research. Successful management of this program has a direct impact on material availability, accurate and timely procurement and overall Supply readiness. The QA Division is in Building 2547.

Fuels Division

NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Puget Sound

A comprehensive training program is the cornerstone of this successful division, from routine fueling operations to oil spill and disaster response. Keeping fuel handlers safe is also paramount. Annual respirator training, monthly zone and fire protection inspections and monthly safety meetings are held. Safety upgrades to the fuel pier and quality surveillance reduce the potential for accidents.

Working with the Environmental Division, the Supply Department’s Fuels Division aids in upgrading Spill Prevention, the Control and Countermeasure Plan, and Oil and Hazardous Substance Contingency Plans. The division’s efforts contributed significantly to the base winning the 1996 DOD Installation Clean-up Award and the Secretary of the Navy’s Pollution Prevention Installation Special Recognition, as well as the American Petroleum Institute Award for excellence in 1993, 1996 and again in 2004.

Approximately 24 million gallons of JP-5, JP-8, diesel and mogas are received and issued at NAS Whidbey Island every year, and about 16,000 aircraft refuelings and defuelings are conducted annually to 13 VAQ squadrons, including Search and Rescue and transient aircraft by Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Fuels Division. Doss Aviation is responsible for operating the bulk fuel system and refueling operations.

Fuels Division Officer: 360-257-1780
Fuels Manager: 360-257-3101
Doss Aviation Manager/Assistant Manager: 360-257-2707
Fuel Deliveries: 360-257-2706
Fuel Sampling and Testing: 360-257-2707
Hot Pit LCPO: 360-257-5223
Hot Pit LPO: 360-257-5223

Personal Property Office

NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Puget Sound

The Personal Property Office (PPO) provides valuable services to members moving their household goods. Information about incoming and outgoing shipments can be obtained by calling 360-257-3104. To set up an outgoing Household Goods or Personally Procured Move shipment, go to www.move.milto register for a user ID and password to complete a Defense Personal Property System application, and bring in your orders to the PPO the next business day after submitting it. The office in Nor’Wester Building 2556 on Ault Field is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Personal Property: 360-257-3104

Admiral Nimitz Hall Dining Facility/Galley — NAS Whidbey Island

Food Service Division Director: 360-257-2714
Food Service LCPO: 360-257-0051
Food Service LPO: 360-257-1786
Chow Line: 360-257-2469

Unaccompanied Housing — NAS Whidbey Island

Unaccompanied Housing: 360-257-3793/4163


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