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Support Aircraft

Support Aircraft

The air station maintains a Search and Rescue Unit, flying three MH-60S Knighthawk helicopters that arrived in the summer of 2005. Previously, the unit flew SH-3H Sea Kings and H-46 Sea Knights.

The base is also the center of activity for Naval Air Reserves in the region. One Reserve patrol squadron flies the P-3C, and a Fleet Logistic Support squadron, transitioning in 2014 from the C-9 Skytrain to the C-40 Clipper, is also located here.

In May 1970, the first Naval Reservists from NAS Sand Point arrived as air activities ended there. Naval Air Reserve Training Unit and Marine Air Reserve Detachment were officially welcomed aboard on May 14, 1970, signaling the station’s role as a Reserve training center in the Northwest.

More than 50 tenant commands are located at NAS Whidbey, providing training, medical and dental, and other support services.

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