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The overall mission of the Air Operations Department is to support the fleet by providing airfield support and services to undergraduate student pilots during primary and advanced rotary-wing training. NAS Whiting Field’s Air Operation’s team serves a fundamental role in Training Air Wing FIVE’s ability to safely complete more than 1.2 million annual flight operations, which routinely executes over 130,000 flight hours (16 percent of all USN hours flown worldwide) and achieves nearly 1,200 per annum student throughput. This department prides itself in its ability to train, support and sustain a technically sound and flexible workforce in providing the best possible services. Throughout NASWF’s more than 70-year history, the NASWF Air Operations team has earned a reputation across the Department of Defense as the benchmark of excellence in maximizing training, fostering teamwork, collaboration and exacting the use of all available resources.

Community Plans Liaison Office

The Community Planning Liaison Officer (CPLO) is a key player in NASWF’s military mission sustainment initiatives. This individual provides continuity and fluidity with respect to establishing a clear and concise message between NASWF, communities and numerous entities within the installation’s two-state, five- county footprint. The CPLO is essentially the frontline player when it comes to addressing and strategizing challenges that may affect mission, promoting communication and working plausible “win-win” solutions across the board. These efforts help protect facilities that support two main airfields, 12 Navy Outlying Landing Fields, 4,500 nautical square miles of airspace and 260-plus airframes that support primary and advanced pilot training.

The CPLO serves as a vital link in managing the protection, preservation and encroachment buffering efforts of NASWF’s mission and our role in meeting National Military Strategies. NASWF’s mission protection and buffering program is touted as the Navy’s model. To date, NASWF’s encroachment protection successes have resulted in the safeguard of over 6,600 acres with a joint contribution effort of over $16 million in mission buffering protection.

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