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Otis ANGB Airmen participate in wellness event

Otis ANGB Airmen participate in wellness event

Story by SSgt Thomas Swanson on 01/17/2019

Airmen from the 102nd Intelligence Wing recently participated in a five day wellness event at Otis Air National Guard Base, Massachusetts. Dubbed as Otis Warrior Wellness Week, the interactive seminar focused on a holistic approach to helping Airmen meet fitness goals and live healthier, happier lives.

Grounded in the tenets of the Air Force’s Comprehensive Airman Fitness program, each day centered on a particular “pillar” or aspect to wellness and resiliency, and included daily workouts designed for each person’s individual goals.

“The Otis Warrior Wellness Week is addressing the four pillars of wellness,” said event organizer Senior Master Sgt. Sean Sullivan.

“The physical, social, spiritual and emotional pillars work synergistically together and all influence and impact the physical pillar. If your goal is weight loss, you’re better off to have all of the pillars functioning at the same time, so you’re resilient. Resiliency allows you to withstand and acclimate to stress, and to perform; not just in a deployed environment, but every day.”

Experts spoke on the best practices for Airmen to achieve success in each area of life and discussed how each pillar directly affects physical health.

Senior Airman Brianna Hogan said, “The biggest take-away for me was dispelling fitness myths. They explained how fad diets make you lose weight, but why they never work in the long term. I also really enjoyed the class on spiritual wellness. Chaplain White talked about the importance of making connections with people and having a purpose in your life.”

Airmen attended with their families on the final day and met Kim Healy and Erin Faye from the 102nd Intelligence Wing’s Airman and Family Readiness program, who spoke on social wellness and family relationships. The group then shared a nutritional lunch and discussed appealing food choices that families can make together to compliment a healthy lifestyle.

Other speakers during the event included Jil Garvin, the 102IW director of psychological health who spoke on the emotional pillar, financial planner Deb Antel who talked about financial fitness, Senior Master Sgt. Tracy Sylvia who provided an introduction to the CrossFit exercise program and Chief Master Sgt. John Noland who spoke about running and his experience training and competing as an endurance athlete.

“The week was very well put together,” said Master Sgt. Eric LaFranchise. “It was done in a way that was tangible for everybody.”

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