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Gel Tag San Diego is a Mobile Sports & Recreational Company. We host family and friendly events for children, ages 4 up to Adults and Seniors. Think of paint balling with less pain, no bruises, cuts, scars, nor headaches of dealing with the stains and the mess that’s left behind. The GellyBalls are water/gel based and leaves you with no stains on your clothing, walls, …..etc!


Totally biodegradable and no clean up needed. They disappear and is environmentally safe for indoors and outdoors. Set-up can be in your back yard, your home, or even your nearby public park. Children, Teens, and Adults would love doing this for their birthday parties and group events.


Tag sessions will consist of 6-18 people at a time and 3 different packages. Each package will include 30 minutes of waiver check in and set up/breakdown of equipment. Please have waivers ready upon arrival for a faster check in process.


Now that you know a little about us, what are you waiting for?! Book Now and have a great experience, plus so much fun with our excellent service! Give us a call for more information or simply book your next party online Today! We guarantee, everyone will love it and thank you in advance!

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