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H3 Heroes Helping Heroes 4Life
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H3 Heroes Helping Heroes 4Life is a grassroots Social Enterprise that offers products and services to fund programs for Homeless Veterans and their Families.

The vision of Heroes Helping Heroes 4Life (H3) is to ignite a sense of purpose, champion success and drive measurable results to homeless veterans of the US Armed Forces and their families. Through education, targeted fundraising, and serving the community as one, H3 aims to improve the overall health and restore a sense of dignity to our veterans living in unfavorable circumstances.

We are The Cause 4Homeless Vets 

4Heroes 4Life~line  

The H3 Programs deliver an A-Z Solution for a C.U.R.E. (Creating Unity Reaching Everyone). 

1. H3 Rolling Stand Downs (TM) gives a Hand Up to DIGNITY for Homeless Veterans and their Families by reaching them where they are…on the street.

Click here to watch the video about our H3 Rolling Stand Downs (TM) hybrid Stand Down program with mobile hygiene units, rapid COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, and a Pop Up Care Village with food, clothing, haircuts, toiletries and resources for housing, health and employment for Homeless Veterans and their Families.

2. H3 Veterans Legal Services helps with the “gray areas” to get veterans the housing, behavioral health, and disability benefits they are entitled to receive.

3. H3 Disabled Veterans Incubator will operate in Tiny Homes Veteran Villages with wrap around services and job and skills training in digital marketing, multi-media production, construction, hemp farming, and social entrepreneurship. 

We are humbly asking YOU to Join Us to give our Homeless Veterans and their Families a Hand Up with a 4Life~line to Hope and Healing and get them off the streets FOR GOOD. 

Let’s Join Forces!

Support our enterprising products @ United We Stand ~ United We Band (TM) 

We do NOT rely on government funding. A donation in any Amount Helps!

Donate to our GoFundMe

Contact us to donate, volunteer, or purchase our unique custom products.


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