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Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard

To make your move as worry-free as possible, Navy Region Southwest Fleet & Family Readiness has created this booklet to help acquaint you with San Diego and the surrounding areas.

You’ll enjoy our wonderful climate. The average San Diego daytime temperature is 70 degrees, and most days are sunny. If you prefer it a bit warmer, just move inland a few miles from our natural air conditioner, the Pacific Ocean. Either way, the humidity is generally low — even in summer. You will find that planning outdoor activities here is a snap because the average annual rainfall is less than 10 inches and most of it falls between December and March.

The San Diego metropolitan area encompasses all of San Diego County and is home to three Navy installations comprising five Navy bases in addition to the Naval Medical Center. In the following pages, we have included a variety of information to help you find your way around. If you’re looking for something to do around town, we’ve done the research and listed information on San Diego attractions and points of interest as well.

We hope the information and resources in the following pages will help you and your family enjoy a smooth move. You can visit us online at To make an appointment with our Relocation Assistance Team, call our toll-free number at 866-923-6478.

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