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Naval Base Coronado

Fleet – Fighter – Family

Naval Base Coronado (NBC) is committed to delivering and directing base operating support programs and services that exceed customer expectations and contribute to the operational readiness of ashore and afloat commands on base.

Unequalled in operational scope and complexity, NBC provides a shore-based platform for helicopters, aircraft carriers, SEAL Teams and other ashore and afloat commands for access to a comprehensive quantity of ground, sea, air, and undersea operational and training space. NBC accommodates the requirements of 16 helicopter squadrons, 2 fixed wing squadrons, two aircraft carriers, four SEAL Teams, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command squadrons, and other air, surface and subsurface commands.


Additionally, NBC provides support to our Sailors and their families by providing programs/information to enhance personal and family readiness, recreational options, housing units, two commissaries, multiple Navy Exchanges, medical and dental facilities and home to the largest Navy Lodge in the world. Naval Base Coronado continues to deliver the highest standard of support and quality of life services to the Fleet, Fighter and Family!

History: Birthplace of Naval Aviation

Naval Aviation proudly traces its roots 100 years ago to Naval Air Station North Island; the installation is officially recognized as the birthplace of Naval Aviation.


In 1911, the Navy’s first aviator, Lieutenant Theodore G. Ellyson, trained at North Island and later qualified in the A-1 Triad, the Navy’s first aircraft. From these first humble beginnings, the purpose and vision of Naval Aviation grew into a primary instrument of national security. 

Energy, Environment, Engagement


NBC is committed to saving and producing energy and conserving its resources. NBC is over $1.3 million under budget, based on energy savings from FY-2011 projects.

Renewable energy systems exceed 2,000 watts and we are producing over 3 million kilowatt hours annually. Under the central irrigation management and water conservation there has been water savings that exceed 16.7 million gallons.


NBC is an active participant in protecting the environment and takes proactive steps to minimize the effects of its activities on protected resources. NBC has taken the extra step of partnering with California Department of Fish and Game to ensure their protection.

NBC manages 47 federally listed species of plants and animals, 22 of these species are located on San Clemente Island – the island is also one of the Navy’s most important training ranges.


NBC is committed in maintaining a strong partnership with the community. Command personnel work closely with local city members, chambers of commerce, police and fire departments to open up lines of communication with the community.


Opportunities for community involvement include annual beach clean-ups, community special events, youth groups, and the Annual Coronado Speed Festival – in which the base opens its doors to the public to showcase the Navy’s mission and capabilities!

NB Coronado Receives Water Conservation Award

Naval Base Coronado received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Federal Green Challenge program water conservation award.

The prestigious award recognizes base efforts to reduce water use that resulted in the conservation of over 101 million gallons last year.

Naval Base Coronado is a group of eight individual Navy sites, stretching from San Clemente Island to the Remote Training Site at Warner Springs in east San Diego County.

“I’m very proud of the Naval Base Coronado team,” said Commanding Officer Capt. Christopher Sund. “We remain committed to protecting and preserving precious resources.”

The Federal Green Challenge program is a national effort under the Environmental Protection Agency designed to recognize federal agencies for reducing environmental impact.

Naval Base Coronado is an active participant in protecting the environment and takes proactive steps to minimize the effects of its activities. Irrigation frequency reduction and water cooling tower valve adjustments contributed to saving water.


Naval Base Coronado provides services and facilities that include training and testing ranges to train sailors and develop weapons systems to help win wars.

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