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Seal Beach Team Wins CNO Environmental Award

Seal Beach Team Wins CNO Environmental Award

Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach has been recognized with a Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Environmental Award in the category of Environmental Quality for fiscal years 2011 and 2012.

This is the sixth year in a row that the installation has been awarded with a CNO environmental award.

“Having previously made achievements to improve environmental quality, the program focus broadened in 2011 to include a hazardous waste reduction goal and to further improve overall program management,” said Installation Environmental Program Director David Baillie.

A two-year effort was launched to improve the program, leading to development of innovative management tools and a more effective integration of the program into the existing facilities and mission management framework.

These projects resulted in reduction in electricity usage, increase in renewable energy, reduction in water consumption, a more than 60 percent average diversion rate for municipal waste and a more than 98 percent diversion rate for construction and demolition waste, said environmental review coordinator Julian Ibarra. “Some of these reductions and diversions are not mandated, but they save money and make this a more efficient installation,” he said.

“Instead of just holding inspections to catch people doing things wrong, we tried to learn how we can make environmental compliance easier for them,” said Baillie.

Leadership’s aim was to cultivate an ownership ethic and to make compliance and stewardship second nature while fully supporting mission and facilities management needs.

“It really is an installation award,” said Baillie. “When the external audit came in April of 2012 we had ten worthy practices.  I think that really speaks well for the command and the tenants who supported the program.”


This sentiment was echoed by the commanding officer, Capt. Tripp Hardy. “Our base personnel, and especially our environmental staff, have really worked hard to insure that we integrate an environmental mindset into all aspects of our operations and it shows,” said Hardy. “I’m proud to be working at a place where environmental stewardship and mission completion can be so closely aligned.”   

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