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Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

Planning for Emergencies

At one time or another, everyone is faced with an emergency. Usually, at this time, assistance is needed. This can be an airplane ticket home due to illness or death. It could also be that something happened to your pay, and you need assistance in maintaining your family until the next payday. Do not hesitate to use the resources available whether it is for financial, medical, or any other type of emergency. Help is always available! Use your resources!  

Fleet and Family Support Center

The Fleet and Family Support Center staff members are always available to provide you and your family members with emergency type services. Whether it be counseling, financial, information and referral… they are there to assist.

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society

The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society can provide emergency assistance based upon need, through either loans or, when there is a particular hardship, grants. Categories of financial assistance include: basic living expenses (food, shelter, utilities), medical and dental not covered by insurance, funeral expenses, emergency transportation, essential car repairs, pay and allotment problems, disasters and assistance for widows, mothers, and children.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross offers a variety of services to military personnel and their family members. Services include emergency verifications and reporting, counseling in personal and family problems, financial assistance in meeting emergencies, and disaster assistance.

Navy One Source

Navy One Source can help. Real help! Any time, any place! This service is free and completely confidential. Available 24/7. Call or visit the web site. User ID: Navy, Password: Sailor.

Important Documents to Hand Carry

Important documents that should be hand carried with you on your travel for emergency purposes include:

Important Documents
1 10 copies of your travel orders
2 Certified copy of birth certificates
3 Marriage certificate
4 Copy of travel pay or allowances paperwork
5 ID Cards
6 Passports
7 Travelers checks
8 Employment records/resume
9 Immunization records for all family members
10 School records/transcripts for children
11 Pet medical records and immunization records
12 Letters of credit from utility companies for possible waiver of deposit fees
13 Medical and dental records
14 Moving paperwork/receipts
15 Telephone numbers for relatives, friends, your sponsor, and your new command


China Lake Emergency Information

  • KLOA Radio FM 104.9 – for minute-by-minute news in the event of base closure and emergencies.
  • KRAJ Radio FM 103.9
  • Mediacom Cable Channel 3
  • NAWS Television Cable Channel 20
  • NAWS Emergency 760-939-1887
  • NAWS Radio AM 1610 – for emergency information, current base access, gate hours, badging requirements, and road closures.

Victim Advocate

For immediate emergency assistance, please call the Sexual Assault 24 hour hotline at 760-608-7745.

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