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Lexar Homes Silverdale
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Lexar Home’s building scientists study and test materials for constructibility and how each engages with neighboring materials. With this heightened sense of detail, your Lexar Home sets the bar above all other builder’s standards.

Unlike most homes on the market, we build homes to performance standards that far exceed the minimum state code requirements. This results in huge average yearly savings of $1,257 – $2,335. We encourage you to compare our homes to others that you might be considering.

Panasonic Energy Star Bath Fan

No/Low-VOC Primers, Paints, Adhesives & Caulks*

Energy Recovery Fresh Air Circulation

Energy Sealing

Motion Sensing Garage Fan

Sealed Garage-to-house Common Walls

BIBS Insulation

Advanced Piping System

Ductless Mini Split System

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