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Naval Base Kitsap Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
Naval Base Kitsap Weather: What To Expect When Moving HereNaval Base Kitsap Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here

Naval Base Kitsap Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


So you’ve got the green light for a Permanent Change of Station to Naval Base Kitsap. Congrats! If there’s one color that comes to mind when we think of this installation, it’s green: trees, ferns and other abundant foliage of the verdant Pacific Norwest.

Naval Base Kitsap — located on the lush Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state — encompasses more than 10,000 acres, supporting nearly 70 tenant commands. The base took its present name and form when installations at Bremerton, Bangor, Keyport, Manchester and Jackson Park in Kitsap County were consolidated into a single entity in 2004. Currently, it is the largest naval installation in the Northwest and is the third-largest in the United States.

NBK is home to a multitude of strategic missions, including all types of submarines, two Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the largest fuel depot in the continental United States. But whether your line of work keeps you busy above or below the waterline, you’ll want to know what weather to expect, especially in your free time. Luckily, this guide to the typical temps will have any greenhorn feeling like a true local in no time.

Get ready, get set, GO to your new home at Naval Base Kitsap!

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Seasonal Temperatures

Naval Base Kitsap is nestled amid the Puget Sound. Forests of pine and fir trees thrive in the Mediterranean climate of the region, helping to give Washington its nickname of “The Evergreen State.” Kitsap County enjoys warm, dry summers and wet semi-mild winters. For the county’s largest city, Bremerton, the warmest month is August, with an average high of 75 degrees and an average low of 53 degrees. The coldest month is December, with an average high of 45 degrees and an average low of 35 degrees. “Just a light mist” can feel quite heavy to newcomers not accustomed to constant drizzle — you’ll need to acclimate. The area gets some kind of precipitation, on average, 154 days per year. Most precipitation falls in the winter months, and the average yearly rainfall is about 50 inches.

For up-to-date weather at specific sites, visit the Commander, Navy Region Northwest website for a list of phone numbers to call for current base conditions.


High temps: Low to mid 60s
Low temps: Low to mid 40s

Though Spring is usually a time of green rebirth for many parts of the U.S., the Kitsap Peninsula is alive with fresh air and growth all year long. It’s the ever-present precipitation and milder temps that keep this region evergreen. Yes, you may be hunting for Easter eggs in wet, green grass, but knowing that these months mean a lush summer will sustain you. You may even get the song “Here Comes the Sun” stuck in your head as warmer temps and more hours of daylight return in March, April and May. Now is the time to invest in some proper cool weather rain clothes for you and your family, if you don’t have them already. Don’t worry: You’ll get plenty bang for your buck for any rain gear you acquire while stationed in Bremerton and Bangor.

Naval Base Kitsap Weather in the Summer


High temps: Upper 70s
Low temps: Upper 50s

July, August and September will be well worth the gray you’ve faced in Kitsap County. You’ll be rewarded with a dry, mild summer, perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, bike riding and grilling. Clouds are less frequent, and the clearest, warmest days peak around Aug. 3. Knowing that rain will return in October may make it all the more important to enjoy these summer days. But while you’ve got that “sun’s out, guns out” feeling, don’t forget to put some sunscreen on those arms. UV rays can still burn skin when it’s cloudy, especially if you’re not feeling that heat. During this season, light jackets are great for early mornings and evenings, but you never know when a light sprinkle will roll in. Keep that jacket or a light rainshell in the car or otherwise with you — just in case.


High temps: Mid 70s
Low temps: Mid 40s

As autumn approaches, it’s the return of the gray and the rain that keeps this region so green. Cloud cover kicks back into high gear around the first week of October. The daily chance of rainfall increases with each month, peaking at the end of November when daily temperatures also take a dive. Keep jackets, hats, warm socks, a light rainshell and even an umbrella at hand to help stay dry. Move your outdoor recreation indoor with the many fun offerings from your Navy Life Pacific Northwest MWR team. Visit our top list of things to do for info about aquatic centers, bowling, rec centers, movie theaters and more to enjoy indoors.


High temps: Mid to high 40s
Low temps: Mid to low 30s

There are two easy ways to predict winter weather throughout Puget Sound: If you can’t see Mount Rainier to the southeast, it’s raining. If you can see Mount Rainier, it will be raining soon. Although the daily chance for precipitation peaks around Nov. 17, you may not escape the feeling that mist, drizzle and downright inescapable rain seem your constant companions throughout the holiday season and New Years’. Just keep recalling those sunny, summer days — or get yourself a mood light and heat lamp if your memory of July seems foggy. We can’t imagine leaving home without some kind of rain gear (coats, water-resistant shoes, even rain pants for some outdoor activities) all through December, January and February. The chance for precipitation is at least 50 percent through those months. Layers of fleece or Smartwool will keep you warm underneath it all. Though snow is rare, it’s not unheard of. Temps in the lower 30s will be uncomfortable, if not dangerous, for exposed extremities. Find tips for preparing for and dealing with a multitude of weather emergencies, from severe flooding to wildfires, all through the year at the Washington State Emergency Management Division website.

Training Expectations Year-round at NB Kitsap

Training Expectations Year-round

Because of the vast area and multitude of installation services provided at NB Kitsap, duties and training will vary based on your command. Though you may work aboard the submarine or ship you’re assigned to or in the repair docks for those assets, expect your training and daily life to be damp for a good part of the year. Uniforms and training will reflect the abundance of precipitation, but the summer months will bring much-appreciated days of warmer temps and sunshine.

Where to Find Gear at NB Kitsap

Where to Find Gear at NB Kitsap

Even if your home goods have been delivered and you’ve unpacked every jacket and hat, there still may be a few pieces of gear you’ll want to acquire for the weather. NB Kitsap and nearby cities offer plenty of choices to add more water-resistant items to your wardrobe.

Military Clothing

You can always find certified apparel at the nearby Navy Exchanges. NB Kitsap’s Main Navy Exchange is in Building 863, 120 South Dewey, in Bremerton. Call 1 (360) 627-4843 for hours and more info. An additional site, Bangor Navy Exchange, is located at 2600 Ohio St. in nearby Silverdale. Call 1 (360) 315-4563/4565.

You’ll find dedicated departments for uniforms and other military accessories at both the Bremerton and Bangor stores. Call 1 (360) 627-4848 for uniforms at Bremerton and 1 (360) 315-4573 for Bangor. Leadership will issue announcements on which combat, service and fitness uniforms are appropriate for each season.

In addition to military clothing, both NEX locations sell casual clothing, shoes and accessories, updated as styles and the temperatures change.

Recreation Equipment Rentals at NB Kitsap

Recreation Equipment Rentals

Getting the most of the Northwest’s great outdoors is easier with the right recreational equipment. Find what you need — from barbecues to camping gear, mountain bikes to kayaks — at the two equipment rental offices for NB Kitsap. Visit the Bremerton Recreation Center, 120 S Dewey St., in Bremerton to reserve outdoor gear up to six months in advance. Call 1 (360) 476-3178 for more information. Bangor Equipment Rentals is within Bangor Plaza of the Bangor Recreation Center, Building 2720, in Silverdale. Call 1 (360) 396-2449 for more info. Both offices also have a small library of videos, maps, guidebooks, brochures, gear lists and more to help you plan your adventures and increase your outdoor knowledge. Customers are required to take a written water safety test prior to their first rental of items such as canoes, standup paddleboards, etc.

Naval Base Kitsap Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


While some have said, “It’s not easy being green,” the right expectations and gear can help you easily fit in with the great green outdoors of Naval Base Kitsap. Use our tips listed above and check the installation’s Facebook and Twitter pages to be ready to make your PCS move good to GO!


The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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