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Port Gamble

First called “Teekalet” by the Indians, meaning “brightness of the noonday sun,” Port Gamble is a town whose past, present and future blend in harmony. The entire town is owned by the Pope & Talbot Lumber Company, which built its first mill there in 1853.

Restoration of its old New England-style homes began in 1971. One of the most beautiful of the restored homes is the Walker-Ames House, a three-story Victorian giant next to the General Store. A pioneer cemetery overlooks the town, and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, still in use after more than 130 years, rises over the rooftops.

Since Port Gamble became a National Historic Site in 1966, it has become an enjoyable tourist attraction. It is a peaceful community tucked away on the Kitsap Peninsula.

For more information on Port Gamble, visit its website at www.ptgamble.com.

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