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Rules & Regulations


Photography on Naval Base Kitsap (NBK) is restricted. Sailors should contact their chain of command and guests must have permission from their sponsor before engaging in any photography. While photography without a pass is authorized in general use spaces on the upper base of Bangor and outside of the Controlled Industrial Area (CIA) in Bremerton, tenant commands, regardless of their location on the base, may have more restrictive photography limitations within their areas of jurisdiction. Strict no-photography zones include any area within the Operational Area (lower base on Bangor) and the Controlled Industrial Area (CIA) on Bremerton. No photography zones apply to both military and civilian alike and may result in confiscation of equipment and potential security violations.


Unofficial Foreign National Visits

U.S. citizens already possessing authority for base access may, with prior approval, sponsor foreign nationals for weddings, MWR special events or as a guest in housing. Entry authorization must be requested to Security at least five working days in advance of the visit. Requests should be presented to Naval Base Kitsap Security Admin, 211A in Building 1200, Suite 515, 1200 Skate St. or Keyport Pass and ID Office, Building 916. Sponsors will personally meet their foreign national guests at the Bremerton or Bangor Pass and ID Offices.


After approval is obtained, during normal working hours, registration is required at any NBK Pass and ID Office; after normal working hours, registration can be accomplished at the main gates.


DoD Decals and Parking Aboard NBK

All personnel assigned to Puget Sound activities must register their privately-owned vehicles (POVs) at a NBK Pass and ID Office. All POVs, including motorcycles, operated on NBK must have proof of insurance in the vehicle or with the operator. The insurance coverage must meet Washington State insurance requirements. Operators must also have in their possession a valid state driver’s license.


All vehicles are subject to random vehicle inspections while on federal installations. Items prohibited on all federal installations include explosives (including pistols, rifles, etc.), ammunition and weapons such as switch blades, controlled substances and alcoholic beverages (open containers).


Parking on Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton is strictly limited and designated only by parking pass holders, except for customer parking at the Commissary, Navy Exchange (NEX), Dental, Sam Adams and Fitness Center parking lots. Parking for all active duty military personnel assigned to Naval Base Kitsap, its tenants, homeported ships and ships undergoing overhaul in PSNS, is located in the Montgomery Parking Garage and adjacent lot. All POV’s authorized in the assigned parking lots must bear a DoD decal. Arriving on base without your POV is easy and is highly encouraged. The Navy works very closely with Kitsap Transit, the local mass-transit system provider. More information on commuting and carpooling options can be found at http://www.kitsaptransit.org or through your chain of command.


Bremerton Parking

POVs may be registered at the Pass and ID Office in Building 981, (360) 476-4882 or (360) 476-4883, located near the Missouri Gate and open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. A one day temporary pass can be issued at the Charleston Avenue gate after hours, weekends and holidays.


Bangor Parking

POVs may be registered at the Pass and ID Office in Building 1035 located near the Trident Gate and open Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. A one day temporary pass can be issued at the Trident gate after hours, weekends and holidays.


Keyport Parking

POVs may be registered at the Pass and ID Office in Building 916 located near the Main Gate.



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