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Family Concerns

Family Concerns

Military Family Housing
The Naval Base Ventura County Housing Office supports DoD personnel and family members before and after a move. The office assists military families in finding suitable housing whether in the local community or in military base housing.

Although the government provides quarters, it is not required to do so by law. Personnel and their families should remember that living in government quarters is a privilege not afforded to everyone, and jeopardizing your housing assignment violates the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

All officers and enlisted personnel assigned to NBVC and accompanied by their bona fide family members are eligible to apply for Military Family Housing.

The Housing Office provides the following services:
• Information about various real estate and property managers to provide off-base housing, set-aside and temporary lodging information.
• Assist military personnel and family members on proper procedures of vacating housing in the civilian community or government quarters.
• Assist in faxing your housing application to your next duty station for those anticipating orders to another duty station.A Kiosk Machine with One Stop information for relocating to different installations is available.

Where to Apply for Housing
Military Family Housing
Naval Base Ventura County’s Welcome Center Building 1169, Port Hueneme, Calif.
Commercial ….(805) 982-4321 DSN: 551-4321
Toll Free ………………………………(800) 851-7148
Hours of operation
Wednesday, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Family Housing Applications and Assignments
In order to apply for housing, military personnel must provide the following completed assignment package documents:
1. DD Form 1746 (Housing Application)— Obtain from the Military Family Housing Office or go to NBVC Web site.
2. Copy of assignment of order to duty within Naval Base Ventura County or therein.
3. Copy of certification of bona fide family members document for individuals who are expected to reside with the sponsor for nine consecutive months each year. For information about who is considered a bona fide family member, contact the NBVC Housing Office.
4. Proof of Detachment from previous duty station.
5. Vacancy verification from previous military housing office or permission to stay in military housing from last permanent duty station.
6. Exceptional Family Members (EFM) documented in Categories “IV” or “V” will be placed directly below the freeze zone (the freeze zone is the top 10 percent of the wait list). Please bring this to the attention of your housing counselor during your briefing.
7. A “Power of Attorney” will be required if someone other than the Military Sponsor will sign documentation or on behalf of the Service member.
8. Department of the Navy Dependent Care Certificate (DD Form 1740) must be submitted by single military personnel.
9. Medical certification (letter verification signed by NBVC Medical Officer in Charge).
10. LauteubergAmendment, DD form 2760 (qualifications to posses firearms or ammunition) must be filled out by any family member 18 years or older living in the household.
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