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NCBC Gulfport Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
NCBC Gulfport Weather: What To Expect When Moving HereNCBC Gulfport Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here

NCBC Gulfport Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


When you’re stationed at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport, Mississippi, you can expect to enjoy warm temperatures pretty much year round, which is good news for those looking forward to the white sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. The subtropical climate means high humidity, but the winters are mild and there’s little to no snowfall. So if you prefer the heat to the cold, you’ll be quite pleased with the weather around NCBC Gulfport.

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High Temps: High 60s to low 80s
Low Temps: Low 50s to high 60s

While the winters here certainly aren’t cold by any means, springtime is marked by a steady rise in temperatures starting in early March. If you weren’t enjoying outdoor activities in the colder months you’ll be able to start getting out and enjoying the sunshine as soon as spring hits. But be sure to bring rain gear when you do. Spring isn’t the rainiest season in Gulfport, but it rains a fair amount year-round so having an umbrella or waterproof layers is a must wherever you go.

NCBC Gulfport Weather in the Summer


High Temps: High 80s to low 90s
Low Temps: Low 70s

Summers in Gulfport are long, hot, and humid, though the nearby gulf keeps them from getting as hot as they do further inland. It’s the rainiest season of the year, but even on cloudy, rainy days be sure to have sunscreen on if you’re headed outside. Summer is also usually when the Atlantic tropical storm season begins. And, being on the Gulf of Mexico, Gulfport is in a region where those have a tendency to hit hard. Pay attention to local hurricane tracker information and be prepared with an evacuation plan and emergency supplies.

NCBC Gulfport Weather in the Fall


High Temps: High 80s to low 70s
Low Temps: High 60s to High 40s

Relatively speaking, the average temperatures drop pretty quickly once the fall starts. But there will still be plenty of warm days to enjoy throughout the season. Average rainfall usually drops off a bit during the autumn months as well. But it can still get a little chilly and there’s always a chance of precipitation so have extra layers and your rain gear with you if you’ll be spending any time outdoors. This season also typically marks the peak of storm season, with the late summer and early fall usually being the busiest time for major weather events. But beware that storms can occur all the way up until the end of November when hurricane season officially ends.

NCBC Gulfport Weather in the Winter


High Temps: Low 60s
Low Temps: Low 40s

Even during the coldest time of year, the weather in Gulfport is fairly temperate. There are occasional cold snaps, but the temperature remains pretty steady throughout the winter months. It’s also the driest season of the year, though regular rain and very occasionally snow still falls between December and February.

Field & Training Expectations

The biggest concerns year-round for those in the field will, of course, be the heat and the rain. Staying hydrated and dry will be of the utmost importance during extended periods of time in the field during any season. And staying dry will be extremely vital during colder months, as getting wet and staying wet in colder temperatures can lead very quickly to hypothermia. No matter the forecast or time of year, bringing waterproof gear with you in the field is essential.

NCBC Gulfport Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


If you’re a fan of warm weather, then you’re going to enjoy your time spent at the NCBC in Gulfport. Sure, the humidity can be a bit of a drag, but the nearby beaches are a great way to beat it. And not having a serious winter to shiver through is a big plus for those who dislike the cold. So there are a lot of great things, weather-wise, to be excited about when you PCS here.

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