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Hello Everyone,

Are you looking into adding another stream of passive income?

Are you trying to get your finances under control and don’t know where to start?

My name is Francisco J. Urbina, I served as an officer in the USMC for just under 5 years as the Battalion Adjutant. It is during this time I re-discovered my love for learning, reading, and helping others. In this position and during my time, I read, spoke to and learned from as many of my SNCO’s and 1stSgt’s as much as possible, taking “30 year old body, 5,000 year old mind” to heart.

That is why I desperately wish to share the information I have gained in order to pass forward my privileges and help divert other’s from making mistakes that are too devastating to not take heed.

Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or you are sitting well and want to take advantage of the insane return on investment my other clients are receiving, I can help you achieve your financial goals.

In conjunction with providing financial advice, I provide several means of obtaining passive income. I go more than simply direct you to a few Crypto or Robinhood stocks and options, our main vehicle at the moment is a vehicle rental app called Turo.

The vehicle rental market is not new, however, for some time there has been high barriers of entry for people to access this business model. Turo has made it possible to rent your private vehicle and make an unheard of amount of cashflow with very little capital in comparison to getting into the real estate market and renting out multi-family units. 


Sign up for a FREE consultation and we can discuss how I can best serve you; trying to build your credit, looking to buy your first vehicle, looking for extra spending money, trying to start your own business, attempting to purchase your first home, or simply want to have a consultation to make sure you are on a good path, I can help or get you in front of the right people who can.

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