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A little about our business:

M3an Girl Nails has been in business for going on three years now and is owned and operated by Sheila and Ashlee. The shop is located in Henderson just off the freeway. Our hours of operation change as we are based on booked appointments, which means that if you need an early morning appointment or a late night appointment we can adjust our schedule to get you in 7 days a week. Our shop is intimate with only 3 nail technicians (including Sheila and Ashlee) so there are no more than six people in the shop at any given time for those clients who don’t feel comfortable around a bunch of people regardless of the reason. We don’t have a problem with clients bringing their children as long as they can self entertain with very little attention from you. We make sure to have a fully stocked coffee/snack bar and fridge for clients to help themselves to at no additional cost. Our main goal is to provide you with a safe, comfortable, judgement free environment while you get your services done.

Our Services explained:

Acrylic Sculpted full sets/fills- Think of this service as getting a tailored outfit. Sculpted extensions are form fitted to each individual nail. This provides a more natural feel,  no worrying about a tip separating from your natural nail as they grow.

Gel Manicure- This is not your basic manicure from the shop around the corner from your house. We use a soft clear base gel that is a thicker consistency than what most places use. As you come in with each appointment this base is never soaked off. We basically do a fill on it which allows us to build the gel to your nail as your natural nail grows. This method is better at preserving your natural nail health while strengthening it. We get so many first time clients that say they have never been able to grow their natural nails with gel and then come to their next appointment thrilled because they have growth with no chipping or lifting.

Gel X Extensions/fills- This is a great service for multiple reasons. If you don’t have time for an acrylic service or just don’t want acrylic nails, this is for you. These are pre-made full nail extensions that are made of soft gel (like what we use for a gel manicure). They do not take as long to apply as a sculpted acrylic sets, they are not as thick as acrylic, they feel natural and are durable. These sets do last awhile, but if you are someone that doesn’t usually keep their nails done and have an event coming up or want something other than a mani but don’t want them on for more than a day or so and that you can easily remove at home, we can do that with this service.

Pedicures- Who doesn’t like a pedicure? Our pedicures include a soak, scrub, callus remover (if requested), masque, lotion, massage and hot towel wrap.

Gel polish change on toes- This is great for the clients that like to have their nails matching their toes, but don’t want a full pedicure with every appointment. This service does not include soak, scrub, masque, callus remover, lotion (cuticle oil will be used though), hot towels or massage.

All of our services include removal of cuticle/dead skin from nail, trim, shape and gel polish. We do not use regular polish for any of our services. All of our nail sets are guaranteed to last 3-4 weeks or longer, but because of growth of nails we do not recommend going more than 4 weeks between appointments. Your pedicure, however, will surely last at least 8 weeks and most clients usually do a pedicure at every other appointment, but you can get it done as often as you like.

Our prices- Sticker shock might happen but keep in mind that you are getting a quality service with quality products that are sure to last. Meaning that it is saving you time from not having to come every 2 weeks (or sooner) for your nails. We schedule every client for at least 2 hours to ensure that we are not rushed and that we are able to give you the nails that you are proud to have. The prices below are base prices which includes one gel color. If you want art/designs/crystals the price will be higher based on what you are requesting.

Acrylic full set:
Ashlee $100.00 Tania $70.00 Sheila does not provide acrylic services

Acrylic fill:

Ashlee $80.00 Tania $60.00 Sheila does not provide acrylic services

Gel Manicure:

Sheila $60.00 Tania $50.00 Ashlee $60.00

Gel X extensions full set:
Sheila $80.00 Tania $80.00 Ashlee $80.00

Gel X extensions fill:

Sheila $70.00 Tania does not do Gel X fills Ashlee does not do Gel X fills

Sheila $70.00 Tania $70.00 Ashlee does not do pedicures

Gel polish change on toes:

Sheila $60.00 Tania $60.00 Ashlee does not do gel polish changes on toes


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