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Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Clark County School District702-799-5000

The Clark County School District now ranks as the fifth largest school system in the nation. A seven-member board of trustees elected to four-year terms manages the district. The public is encouraged to attend meetings that are ordinarily scheduled for 4 p.m. the second and fourth Thursdays in the Education Center at 2832 East Flamingo Road.

As of the 2012-2013 school year, the CCSD had more than 311,000 students, 17,140 licensed educators, and almost 20,000 other workers.

The district operates magnet (specialized) high schools, special programs for the gifted and talented, visually, orally and mentally handicapped, slow learners, the emotionally disturbed and the homebound. More than one third of elementary and middle schools operate on a track basis and are in session year-round with four- to six-week breaks between sessions.

Additionally, CCSD provides vocational and technical training, speech therapy, psychological and social work services, nursing services, teachers’ aides, counseling and guidance programs, anti-drug and anti-alcohol education programs and career education programs. Innovations in the instructional program include bilingual programs, reinforced reading programs, Chapter I programs, kindergarten reading and alternative schools.

Bus transportation is furnished to students living two or more miles from school. Kindergarten and special education students are exempted. There are also exceptions due to unsafe walking paths, construction or other hazards. Report cards are issued for nine-week periods for first through 12th grades and at the end of each semester for kindergarten unless the school is on a trimester schedule.

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