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Privatized/Military Family Housing

Privatized/Military Family Housing

On May 1, 2006, the U.S. Air Force entered into a series of executed legal agreements with Nellis Air Force Base Properties LLC (Hunt Building) to privatize 1,178 housing units in two areas: Nellis Terrace and Manch Manor.

This housing privatization project is intended for military service members and their families. Tenants will be required to sign a lease permitting military members to terminate due to military orders. Also, if a tenant’s dependent or military status changes or the tenant is discharged from military service, so that the tenant would no longer be eligible for housing under the lease, the lease shall be terminated.

Military members will pay rent via allotment. The rental rate will consist of the military member’s BAH minus a utility allowance of 110 percent of the estimated utility consumption for the unit, and will include all operation and maintenance as well as refuse collection. Rental and utility rates will be adjusted anytime there is a change in the tenant’s BAH (government increase to BAH, promotion, demotion, change in dependent status or an increase or decrease in utility rates). No additional deposits — such as security or pet deposits — will be required.

Nellis Air Force Properties LLC is responsible for all aspects of operation and maintenance of the lease premises for the duration of the project. Hunt, the property management company, is responsible for the day-to-day operations, including maintaining a waiting list of qualified government/military personnel based on grade and unit type. These prospective residents will be notified of unit availability and have first priority in leasing the unit(s).

Consult your Housing Management Office (HMO) for details about the housing assignment system.


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