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US Air Force Adv. Main & Munitions Officers School

US Air Force Adv. Main & Munitions Officers School

United States Air Force Advanced Maintenance and Munitions Officers School

Mission is to expand combat capability by developing graduate-level expertise in aircraft and munitions maintenance using the USAF Agile Combat Support master process construct. The school’s teaching focus includes all logistics aspects of mobilization, deployment, beddown, sustainment, combat employment, redeployment, reconstitution, and command and control aspects to provide the most capable combat support to an air campaign. Graduates are qualified in all aspects of effects-based logistics through five phases: Readying the Force, Preparing the Battlespace, Positioning the Force, Employing and Sustaining the Force, and Recovering the Force. The Advanced Maintenance Superintendent Course produces a core of highly skilled maintenance personnel knowledgeable in all aspects of mission generation principles including sortie generation, fleet health and readiness, flying hour program management, munitions operations, combat munitions production, and command and control.

Graduates have become qualified instructors able to effectively share their knowledge with their peers, understand principles of contingency and crisis action planning, and integrate expeditionary combat support to enable effective combat sortie generation. They skillfully manage aircraft fleet-health challenges to ensure combat-ready weapons systems, and also act as advisors to wing leadership on expeditionary logistics execution at the home station or deployed.


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