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Family Housing

Navy family housing at Everett has been privatized under the Public Private Venture (PPV) housing initiative. There are two separate PPV projects in this area.

The Forest City PPV project has 12 single-family homes at Brier (Lynnwood)  and 141 single-family homes at Constitution Park (Lake Stevens). Basic allowance for housing (BAH) covers rent, basic renters insurance and utilities (except phone, cable and Internet). Constitution Park  residents participate in the Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP).

The Carroll’s Creek Landing PPV project has 288 townhouse-style homes and is located near the Navy Support Complex in Marysville. This project was built primarily for E-7 and below. Junior officers and E-8 through E-9 are considered for occupancy based on availability and the waiting list. Rents are calculated on a member’s BAH but are reduced to allow the member to use the remaining BAH to pay electricity and natural gas bills. Rent includes water, sewer and trash.

Waiting lists for all homes are maintained at the Housing Service Center. PPV projects are not traditional military family housing, but active-duty personnel have priority to rent the homes. Residents will sign a lease that identifies the terms and conditions of renting that home, which is similar to community housing.


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