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Reserve Basketball Team Takes Regional Championship

Reserve Basketball Team Takes Regional Championship

Story by PO3 Zachary Van Nuys on 02/11/2019

CNRFC earned their spot in the tournament bracket after playing in the MWR Intramural Basketball League which included a season, playoffs and regional tournament. At the beginning of the tournament, CNRFC held the 5th seed of six teams competing for the regional championship title.

The command pushed through a rocky start to the season with bi-weekly practices and a healthy confidence in their potential.

“In the beginning we didn’t do too well,” said Senior Chief Religious Program Specialist Gary Denette. “We lost some games that we shouldn’t have; but I knew if we could weather the storm and get our team together, we could possibly go forward and win it all.”

Going undefeated during the playoffs, CNRFC knocked out the other five teams during a single elimination round-robin competition.

“It was a great feeling to win the playoffs,” said Yeoman 1st Class Gregory Ray. “It felt good knowing that we could battle anybody, we were the underdogs this season. In the end we showed them that we are a force to be reckoned with.”

CNRFC remained undefeated during the regional championship. Throughout their climb up the bracket after the less than stellar start, they were redeemed by their hard-fought victories over Portsmouth and Northwest Annex teams.

“The final game was tough. In the first half we only ended up scoring 15 points,” said Personnel Specialist Seaman Damaris Killebrew. “It was a tough and defensive game that came down to the wire.”

The team, comprised of Sailors of all ages and ranks worked together to win a trophy and build a sense of camaraderie that followed them off the court.

“From a junior Sailor’s perspective, I think it really helps us be more comfortable and really build faith with our senior leadership,” said Yeoman 3rd Class Hasheem Fredrickswebb. “We can all trust each other as a team to make a bigger impact.”

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