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Vehicle Emission Check Program

Vehicle Emission Check Program

Naval Station Everett complies with the Federal Clean Air Act and state of Washington requirements. As a federal installation located within an emission testing area, Naval Station Everett must comply with vehicle emission testing requirements of the regulation.

How will this affect you? Federal employee (military and civilian) vehicles are subject to the program if the vehicle is operated by the employee, not exempt under the state’s regulations (e.g., model year), and driven to and parked at Naval Station Everett 60 or more days per year. Washington state testing and vehicle emission certification is required regardless of state registration or residence. The program applies to vehicles registered in other states and registered in Washington in locations that do not require emission testing prior to vehicle registration.

The Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) Program applies to gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles and to light-duty automobiles and light-duty trucks rated up to 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight rating. When employees leave a vehicle parked at Naval Station Everett while on temporary duty elsewhere for 30 days or more (e.g., at sea), such period does not apply toward the 60-day minimum provided the vehicle is not driven during that time.

Privately owned vehicles subject to the I/M Program must satisfy Washington state’s vehicle emissions testing requirements. Motor vehicles must have biennial emissions tests by the anniversary of their registration date during years with model year matching (i.e., even model years during even years, odd model years during odd years). Vehicles are exempt when the difference between the model year and the current year is four or less and when the difference between the model year and the current year is 26 or greater.

There is a limit on how much must be spent to repair a vehicle. If repair costs reach $100 for vehicles 1980 and older or $150 for 1981 or newer vehicles, the vehicle may qualify for a repair waiver. Money spent on maintenance or repairs before the initial test does not count toward a waiver. Further information is available at emission test stations. The emissions test certificate will indicate when vehicles have qualified for a repair waiver. Washington state requires vehicles registered in Washington in an attainment or maintenance area to pass an emissions test prior to renewal or registration. For these vehicles, current registration is proof of compliance with Washington state’s emission testing requirements prior to being issued or reissued a station decal. A 30-day temporary pass will be issued by the Naval Station Everett Access Control Office to allow you to comply with state requirements.

An inspection fee of $15 cash (no checks or money orders) is required at the time of inspection at state-authorized inspection stations (1505 112th St. SW in Everett and 117 Beach Ave. in Marysville). The inspection takes about five minutes, but you may have to wait longer, particularly at the end of the month when more motorists bring their vehicles in for testing. Upon arrival at Naval Station Everett you can refer to NAVSTAEVERETTINST 5090.5A for more details on the I/M Program.


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