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Vehicle Registration and Regulations

Vehicle Registration and Regulations

All private vehicles operated or parked on the station must be registered with Access Control. Registration requirements include proof of insurance that fulfills Washington state minimum guidelines of $25,000 bodily injury, $50,000 public liability and $25,000 property damage. You must have a valid driver’s license, and the vehicle must pass an emission inspection.

Vehicles and persons are subject to random search while on station. Prohibited items include explosives, small arms and ammunition, hazardous material, any controlled substance and open containers of alcoholic beverages. Seat belts are required to be worn at all times under  Washington state law and controlling OPNAV directives. Motorcycle operators are required by state law to pass a special motorcycle test as well as the motor vehicle exam for licensing. The motorcycle exam tests your knowledge of special skills and safety precautions associated with the safe operation of motorcycles. A Navy-approved motorcycle operator course must be completed prior to being issued a base decal. Contact the Security Office or Safety Office for approved classes in the area.

Motorcycle operators are also required to wear an approved crash helmet and a reflector vest or jacket while operating a motorcycle and to otherwise comply with all OPNAV regulations  governing motorcycle operation.

The speed limit on Naval Station Everett is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.


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