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Child & Youth Programs

Child & Youth Programs

Navy Child and Youth Programs (CYP) support operational readiness, mission accomplishment and retention by assisting Sailors in balancing the competing demands of family and work life. CYP assists in the positive development of Navy children, youth and teens through a variety of programs, including child development centers, child development homes, child development group homes, school-age care, instructional/leisure classes, summer camps, and youth and teen sports, fitness and recreation.

Child Development Centers
Building 3110 (Great Lakes)….(847) 688-5662
Building 2700 (Great Lakes)….(847) 688-4470
Building 8801 (Glenview)……(847) 832-9580

The three Child Development Centers pride themselves in offering quality, developmental care for children ages six weeks to five years. In addition, Kid’s World at Glenview has a before and after school program. All centers offer quality care through life and learning situations to enhance each child’s total development, during the crucial formative years. The Centers’ main goal is to implement a meaningful and educational program of supervised care for all children.

Child Development Home Program (CDH)
Building 3110
(847) 688-5498

CDH offers childcare in a Navy-certified home by providers living in family housing at Great Lakes, Sheridan and Glenview. These self-employed providers operate their home independently in compliance with strict Navy policies, including frequent inspections and close monitoring by the CDH staff. Extensive background screening and orientation training must be completed prior to certification. Planned activities are developmentally appropriate for children in care. Various types of care are offered including full-day, hourly, part-time, nights and weekends. Dependents ages six weeks to 12 years of active duty military personnel and DoD employees are eligible for care.

Child and Youth Placement
Building 3110
(847) 688-3100

Child and Youth Placement is a service offered by the Naval Station Great Lakes, Child and Youth Program. The Placement Office assists parents who are looking for childcare within the Great Lakes’ area. During the consultation, families will receive information on childcare options, childcare programs, choosing quality childcare and childcare subsidies. Child and Youth Placement provides information, resources and support to enable families to make a well-informed childcare decision.

Youth and Family Activities (YFA)
Building 8190 (Great Lakes). (847) 688-5573
Building 8801 (Glenview)…… (847) 832-9580

Two centers provide programs for military youth and families: Kid’s World, located in Glenview; and Great Lakes Youth Center, located in Forrestal Village. The Centers offer before and after school programs, day camp, intramural sports leagues, instructional classes, youth day trips and themed special events. The YFA branch is also affiliated with the Boys and Girls Club of America.

School Liaison Program
Building 8100 (Great Lakes)
(847) 688-5700

The School Liaison Officer’s primary function is to serve as a conduit between parents, educators and the command, so that military-connected children experience a seamless transition during the transfer between schools. We can provide military families, educators and installation commanders with resources as they work together in providing a supportive and positive educational environment for children of military families. In addition, we offer a wide spectrum of services, enabling families to become more involved in their child’s educational experience.

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