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Naval Station Great Lakes Navy Housing Office
Building 8100
(847) 688-3440
www.cnic.navy.mil/GreatLakes/FleetAnd FamilyReadiness/HousingAndLodging

The Naval Station Great Lakes Navy Housing Office (NHO) has an employee staff of customer friendly housing professionals available to serve military families new to the Great Lakes geographical area. The NHO has information on long- and short-term apartment rentals, homes for sale, schools, maps, military clauses and information about the surrounding local communities. For additional information regarding PPV and/or off-base private sector community housing, please contact the NHO at (847) 688-3440, ext. 134, DSN 792-3440, ext. 134. Office hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Naval Station Great Lakes Unaccompanied Housing
Building 31
(847) 688-2170

Forest City, Midwest Family Housing, LLC
Building 8100
(847) 473-4655

Or submit work orders 24/7 to (847) 887-9675.

Provides quality PPV (Public Private Venture) housing to military families in the Great Lakes area.

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