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Personal Property

Personal Property

If you have shipped furniture or other personal property, the Personal Property Department will be one of the first stops you will need to make. Shipping specialists will help you determine the status of your shipment. Ensure the office has a phone number where you may be contacted. Upon establishment of a permanent residence, incoming personnel must contact the Personal Property Office to make arrangements for delivery of their belongings. A minimum of five working days notice must be allowed for delivery from storage. Personnel who are unable to obtain permanent quarters upon arrival may have their goods placed in storage for 90 days. A second 90-day period of free storage may be granted after completing and submitting a Storage Necessity Certificate, which is available at the Personal Property Office. If, upon delivery of the personal property, there are any damaged or missing items, these should be noted on the pink form 1840 and signed and dated by both the owner and the moving company representative. Three copies should be left with the owner. Any additional loss/damage discovered after the movers depart should be noted on the 1840R (reverse) side of the form. All three copies must be submitted to the claims office within 70 days. Further instructions will be given at that time concerning the claim process.

Arrangements for outbound shipments can only be made Monday through Thursday and are normally made by appointment.

Personal Property Department
(847) 688-5371 or (800) 637-5401
Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:50 p.m.

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