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Recruit Training Command

Recruit Training Command

Navy Boot Camp, Naval Station Great Lakes

Building 7260
(847) 688-2405

Recruit Training Command transforms volunteers into highly professional Sailors through screening, equipping, education, training and attitudinal development. We instill in them and continually reinforce the highest standards of honor, courage and commitment with a basic professional background in support of fleet requirements.

Since opening on July 1, 1911, more than 3.5 million Sailors have started their Navy careers in northern Illinois. Recruit Training Command is a tenant command of Naval Station Great Lakes and reports to Commander, Naval Service Training Command, also headquartered at Naval Station Great Lakes.

Recruit Training Command annually trains roughly 38,000 recruits. An average of 10 divisions of roughly 88 recruits graduates on 48 Fridays throughout the year. On average roughly 420,000 visitors each year attend graduation ceremonies.

In 1993—in the wake of the drawdown after Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm—the Base Realignment and Closure commission decided to shut down Naval Training Center Orlando and NTC San Diego. As a result, Recruit Training Command is the Navy’s only boot camp.

The Recruit Training Command Recapitalization Program started in 1998, the most ambitious building program at Great Lakes since its founding in 1905.

Over 12 years, more than $770 million dollars was invested in Recruit Training Command’s infrastructure.

The Navy built 13 new barracks, each with a dining hall and computer and classroom areas. Three new drill halls were constructed, along with other new training facilities. A state-of-the-art Visitor’s Center and RTC Museum were also built.

Each new barracks can accommodate 12 recruit divisions of up to 88 recruits. The 172,000 square foot buildings support a much more efficient training day for recruits by reducing transit time between classes, meals and other activities.

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