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Training Support Center (TSC), Great Lakes was established on April 8, 2004 replacing Service School Command. The command’s mission is to provide management and professional military development of Sailors and functional support to five independently operated Naval Education and Training (NETC) learning sites including Center for Surface Combat Systems Unit (CSCSU), Center for Naval Engineering (CNE), Center for Personal Professional Development (CPPD), Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School (NSWPS), and Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving (CEODD).

TSC’s staff ensures Students maintain the highest standards of personal and military conduct while simultaneously acquiring the technical knowledge and skills necessary to perform effectively in the Fleet. Through the “Sailorization” process, Students receive advanced Naval Military Training, naval history lessons and heritage, mentoring, duty-section training and conduct watchstanding duties. Pride and teamwork is developed through summer Pass-in-Reviews held on historic Ross Field and through Students’ participation in a variety of sport and teambuilding activities to foster the bond of Shipmate camaraderie.

TSC has an annual throughput of approximately 14,000 students, with up to 5,700 students onboard at any time from the most junior Sailor attending a two-week apprentice training class, to foreign military officers studying propulsion and ordnance systems.

TSC has a staff of more than 400 personnel, including a mix of Naval Military Instructors, military technical instructors and contracted instructors, maintenance and administrative personnel as well as support staff.

Due to its extraordinary professional climate, TSC has been recognized as a prime duty station for those in the enlisted community to advance their Navy careers. TSC has received the Retention Excellence Award twice and six quarterly mentions on the Retention Honor Roll.

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