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U.S. Military Entrance

U.S. Military Entrance

Processing Command (USMEPCOM)
Building 3400
(847) 688-4874

Headquarters, United States Military Entrance Processing Command is located in Building 3400, at the corner of Green Bay and Buckley Roads, just south of the Great Lakes Navy Exchange. A joint service Department of Defense command, USMEPCOM is staffed by representatives of the five service branches and Department of the Army civilians. Two Sector headquarters, also located in Building 3400, provide intermediate management in operating 65 Military Entrance Processing Stations located throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

USMEPCOM ensures the quality of military accessions during peacetime and mobilization in accordance with established standards. About 250,000 new recruits successfully pass through “Freedom’s Front Door” annually on their way to fill the ranks of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

The Command’s motto “Freedom’s Front Door” reflects the fact that all applicants for enlistment in the armed forces first must meet Department of Defense and service enlistment standards, which begins by entering a MEPS front door. Once inside, each applicant is administered the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, receives a physical examination, initiates a background check, meets with a service representative to complete the enlistment contract, is administered the Oath of Enlistment, and will depart “Freedom’s Front Door” en route to their service’s individual entry training.

More than 500,000 enlistment ASVAB tests are administered annually by MEPS. It is offered as a Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT-ASVAB) at the MEPS and as a paper and pencil version at more than 470 Mobile Examining Test sites throughout the country. Both versions provide basic qualification and assurance that enlistees have a strong chance of success in specific technical training and occupations.

Additionally, more than 650,000 high school students are administered the student ASVAB annually under the Department of Defense Career Exploration Program. The student ASVAB provides a counseling tool for guiding students in their academic and vocational programs while furnishing a “talent pool” of qualified potential enlistees to the military recruiting services.

Thorough medical examinations are used to determine applicants physical qualifications for enlistment. More than 500 MEPS physicians administer an average of 350,000 medical examinations annually. These examinations help ensure that applicants can meet the demanding physical challenges of basic training and military service.

Background screening of applicants is equally important to military entrance processing. It includes pre-enlistment interviews, fingerprinting and initiating Entrance National Agency Checks.

Processing today’s armed forces applicants for enlistment requires USMEPCOM to have a highly competent, technical and motivated team of professionals. Each MEPS military and civilian member is a vital part of attaining the ultimate goal…bringing the nation’s best young people on to the country’s defense team.

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