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American Red Cross provides services to military personnel and their families. Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services personnel work in more than 700 chapters in the United States, on 61 military installations around the world, and with our troops in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. Red Cross services include: emergency communications between active-duty members and their families, access to emergency financial assistance, confidential referrals to social service agencies, CPR classes, blood services, disaster assistance and volunteer opportunities.

The American Red Cross Mayport Service Center, in conjunction with the Northeast Florida Chapter Red Cross, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, offers a variety of educational opportunities at a discounted rate for active-duty members and their families. Adult, infant and child CPR classes are available as well as first aid, baby-sitting and basic aid training for children. Special programs for children include Whale Tales (classroom water safety) and Scrubby Bear (basic hygiene), complete with costumed characters.

The American Red Cross at Naval Station Mayport is in Building 1358 behind the bowling alley. The phone numbers are 904-246-1395 or 904-270-5241. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, assistance for emergency communications to military is available for military members and their spouses 24 hours a day by calling 877-272-7337. Military family members other than spouses can call 904-246-1395 for military emergency communications or can contact their local Red Cross office. For 24-hour disaster assistance, house fires or flooding, call our chapter’s main office at 904-358-8091.

The American Red Cross has provided blood derivatives to area residents since 1987. Experienced Red Cross staff provides donors with assurance and quality service as they give the gift of life. Donors learn valuable information about their blood and receive a mini physical, which includes taking pulse, temperature, blood pressure and blood count, all to make sure it is safe for donors to donate.

Donating blood is a valuable service to our community. On average, the American Red Cross provides more than 12,500 blood derivatives to the Jacksonville community every year. A single blood donation can be separated into components and used to help save three lives. Every pint donated saves lives, yet only 5 percent of the American population donates blood. Every donation makes a difference. Almost everyone who lives to be 75 years or older will need blood at least once in their lifetime. Blood products can be used in many different ways. Red cells are used to help accident victims, surgery patients and anemic patients. Platelets are used for cancer and leukemia patients undergoing chemotherapy. Plasma is used to treat patients suffering from burns or shock.

You can donate blood as often as every eight weeks or six times a year. For more information on donating blood or to schedule a blood drive, call 800-GIVE-LIFE.

Volunteers lead your Red Cross organization. They teach classes, assist in disaster relief efforts, coordinate blood drives and provide administrative support. The Red Cross also maintains a speaker’s bureau that provides staff and volunteers to speak at pre-deployment briefs, indoctrination, disaster preparedness briefs, fire prevention classes, hurricane preparedness classes and special programs for children.


The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is a private, nonprofit, volunteer, service-oriented organization designed to provide, in partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps, financial, educational and other assistance to members of the naval service, retired personnel, eligible family members and their survivors when in need.

The society provides financial assistance in the form of interest-free loans or grants for transportation in the event of an emergency, basic living expenses, essential vehicle repairs, a patient’s cost share of medical and dental expenses, funeral expenses, Quick Assist Loans (QALs) (active duty only) and other related services.

The society’s services are provided through offices manned by trained volunteers who are familiar with the special conditions of service life. Volunteer opportunities exist for society assistants, casework counselors and other positions.

The society office is in Building 1, east side mid-building, from Massey Avenue. It is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday by appointment. Call 904-270-5418, ext. 1504. Requests for assistance with QALs, emergencies, including emergency leave, do not require an appointment. For after-hours emergencies, contact the Red Cross at 877-272-7337.


As the world’s largest credit union, Navy Federal Credit Union operates a full-service office on the base at the naval station in Building 460. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The telephone number is 904-241-2448.

Seven ATMs are in the immediate area. A walk-up and drive-up are at Building 460, two full-service machines are at the Navy Exchange complex off Mayport Road, and cash-dispensing machines are at the Single Sailor Facility and the NEX gas station.

Two important numbers that are available 24/7 are the Touch Tone Teller at 800-842-6328 and the Consumer Loan Line at 800-336-3333.


The station’s airfield is operated and maintained by Naval Station Mayport’s Air Operations Department. The airfield can accommodate any DOD aircraft and conducts more than 100,000 helicopter and fixed-wing flight operations each year. Military passenger flights are available through the air terminal that processes about 2,000 passengers each year. The department also provides air traffic control services, air terminal and servicing functions for transient aircraft, field arresting gear and ground electronics maintenance.


Mayport’s Port Operations Department oversees the operations of the naval station’s basin. The department supports ships’ berthing requirements and provides firefighting support, search-and-rescue assistance, spillcleanup response, salvage assistance, piloting, tugs, emergency personnel transfers at sea and degaussing range services. Located in Building 2078, Port Operations includes the Waterfront Services, Surface Coordination, Service Craft and Administration Support divisions. More than 100 military members and civilian employees provide support to the warfighters.


NMC Detachment Mayport provides fleet ordnance support for U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard ships homeported at Mayport, tenant commands and visiting ships. The detachment is responsible for scheduling all ships’ ammunition movements and ensures compliance with explosive safety requirements during ordnance handling operations. The detachment handles and processes ordnance ranging from small-arms ammunition to Vertical Launch System Tomahawk missiles in response to warfighter ordnance requirements. In support of these ordnance operations, the detachment transports ordnance to and from the magazine area and wharves and the three helicopter squadrons at Naval Station Mayport. Other responsibilities include: inventory and on-shore load plan management of 18 earth-covered magazines and several ready service lockers; operation of Naval Station Mayport’s armory and rifle and pistol range; and shipment and receipt of arms, ammunition and explosives. Additionally, the detachment coordinates and schedules the Naval Station Honor Guard, 40mm Saluting Battery, and provides military funeral honors support as directed by CNRSE.


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