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Take control of your future.Your life and your retirement goals are unique to you. Your financial strategy should be too. We can help you
build a financial strategy that fits your lifestyle.ServicesYour life and your dreams are unique to you. Your financial strategy should be too.
We can help you build a financial strategy that fits your lifestyle, using the following services: Retirement Income Strategies, Legacy
Planning Strategies, Investments, Managed Money, Annuities, Asset Protection Strategies, Life Insurance, Tax-Efficient Strategies, Long-Term
Care Strategies

Robin A. Hofheinz, President

A fully regulated fiduciary advisor, Robin Hofheinz, brings 20 years of experience from the
investment, insurance, banking and legal fields. Robin is driven by a commitment to service instilled in her, during her West Texas
childhood, by her minister/professor father and social justice activist mother. She was raised in a town where a handshake and a verbal
commitment, while looking someone in eyes, was as good as any written contract. An orphan by the age of eleven, fortunately Robin had
already received the moral anchors that would guide her through her life of service. Raised by her brother and grandmother, and attending
boarding school through scholarships, Robin went on to attend and graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mills College in the San
Francisco Bay Area, where she would reside for just under twenty years.

In January of 2002, after a decade of relative normalcy, tragedy
struck again, and Robin became a lung cancer widow at the young age of thirty-eight. After settling her affairs, she visited New England to
support and be supported by family members. In the years that followed, as she reviewed her life and tried to find purpose and logic of it
all, she came to the realization that her life’s challenges had formed her into a guide, or Sherpa, to help people navigate the financial risks,
twists and turns on life’s ever-changing path. She witnessed the damage that the market crashes of 2000 and 2007 brought to people
who had worked their whole lives yet had been too busy – or not had the opportunity – to properly learn how to plan and manage their
retirement savings.

In founding Retirement Freedom Team, Robin sought to provide solid financial support for hard-working people, from
all walks of life, through providing financial information using language normal folks could understand. Through endless hours and
commitment, Robin and the Retirement Freedom Team quickly gained a reputation for helping people understand and implement
concepts that they previously believed were confusing.

She continues to be dedicated to providing comprehensive financial information
and guidance of Baby Boomers and the generations that followed. You have most likely seen her featured in Rhode Island Monthly and on
her show “Navigating Your Retirement” on Fox and CBS. Her family has returned to Texas, while Robin remained and rebuilt her life and
business in New England. In her rare time off, she enjoys spending time in nature: bicycling, walking, hiking, going to the beach and
wildlife watching. Equally comfortable driving her SUV or an old rusty pick-up truck through Texas, she can frequently be found at farmers
markets, community events, or her favorite place, the Coffee Depot, in her town of Warren.

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