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Military Discounts – Rhode Island Salutes

The Newport County Chamber of Commerce and the Rhode Island Defense Economic Planning Commission, along with the Central Rhode Island, North Central Rhode Island, Narragansett and East Greenwich Chambers of Commerce, have teamed up to introduce Rhode Island Salutes, Military Family Discount Program. This program is designed to recognize the contributions our military makes to our Rhode Island economy and their contributions to our security here at home and abroad. Military personnel and their families are encouraged to shop at the participating stores and businesses and simply present your military ID card to access discounts to many wonderful products and items available from quality Rhode Island merchants. Go to: www.risalutes.com for more information on the program and a list of participating merchants.

Naval War College Museum

Located in Founders Hall on Coasters Harbor Island at Naval Station Newport, this free museum is an excellent place to visit to learn more about the maritime history of New England, and take in the special exhibits and presentations they host. The museum is ranked one of the Top 10 college museums nationally. More information on the museum is available at www.usnwc.edu/museum or by calling 401-841-2101.


Ref: NAVSTANPTINST 5530.6B “Access Control Aboard NS Newport”

  • Sec. 9.h. Swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving is not allowed from or to any shoreline, pier, bulkhead, breakwater or wharf – including Bishop’s Rock.
  • Scuba diving for official duty is authorized, i.e., NUWC, EOD or SEALs conducting official training.
  • Kayaking and canoeing are allowed by individuals with routine base access in the restricted area except for Coddington Cove (area by Piers 1 and 2). Coddington Cove will stay restricted because of official U.S. Coast Guard, NOAA and Navy operations taking place in that area. This policy includes the “river” between the bridges to Coasters Harbor Island, launching from the point near Katy Field, and the marina. As usual, any suspicious activity may be addressed accordingly. This policy will automatically be cancelled by movement to higher Force Protection Condition, a local contingency or at the Commanding Officers discretion.
Drone/Remote Control Vehicle Use

Ref: NAVSTANPTINST 5030.1 “NS Newport RI Drones, Unmanned, Remote Controlled Systems”

  • The operation of any remote-controlled or remote-operated robotics or unmanned system, including but not limited to: cars, boats, planes, helicopters, drones, or watercraft, is prohibited without the express consent of the Commanding Officer of Naval Station Newport. See the instruction for further information (www.cnic.navy.mil/newport).
  • Sec. 9.j. Permission granted for active-duty military, retirees and DOD civilians.
  • Windsurfers must check in with Security Department prior to wind surfing.
  • Windsurfers may only launch from Bishop’s Rock beach area.

NAVSTANPTINST 5090.25C “Bow Hunting Procedures”

  • Only bow hunting is authorized. Deer hunting at NS Newport is restricted to bow hunting only. A compound bow is the only authorized weapon for hunting on NS Newport property. The use of firearms for deer hunting is prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • All state and federal wildlife rules and regulations apply.
  • NS Newport Environmental Program Manager oversees the base hunting program at 401-841-6377.

Ref: NAVSTANPTINST 5090.26B “Recreational Fishing Procedures”

  • Only authorized in designated areas. Pier 2 and quay wall area is currently closed an environmental restoration.
  • All state and federal wildlife rules and regulations apply and a NS Newport fishing license is required for all persons fishing on or from NS Newport property. NS Newport Fishing License/Permit is $10 and is issued by MWR through the Outdoor Recreation Office at 401-841-2568.
  • NS Newport Environmental Program Manager oversees the recreational fishing program at 401-841-6377.

Ref: NAVSTANPTINST 5030.1“Drone Usage Onboard NS Newport”

  • Recreational use of drones within the fence line of Naval Station Newport (to include the Naval Undersea Warfare Center and Naval Health Clinic, New England compounds) for non-mission-essential/recreational reasons is expressly forbidden. Permission to use a drone must be requested using instructions outlined in the above instruction.
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