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Naval Health Clinic New England-Newport

Naval Health Clinic New England-Newport

Richard D. Dewert Medical Clinic
43 Smith Road
Newport, RI 02841
Phone: 401-841-3236
Information Desk Phone: 401-841-3771

Website: http://nhcne.med.navy.mil
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NHCNE

(See the Health section on Health for additional information.)

Naval Health Clinic New England, Newport, is a comprehensive health care facility at the south end of the naval complex. It provides a full range of outpatient services for naval shore activities and fleet units of the operating forces, family members of armed services personnel, and other authorized beneficiaries. The clinic has no emergency care capability. For emergency care, patients should dial 911 for an ambulance or report to the nearest civilian hospital. The NS Newport Fire Department provides ambulance services on naval station property. Inpatient care is provided through a resource-sharing agreement with Newport Hospital, the local civilian hospital on Aquidneck Island. Clinical staff and services are in a comprehensive health care facility, the Richard D. Dewert Medical Clinic (Building 23), which opened in 1997.

Personnel new to Navy and Marine Corps commands in the Narragansett Bay area should present themselves to NHCNE Newport within the first few days of arrival. Active-duty members must enroll in TRICARE Prime. Enrollment is not automatic. Family members of active-duty personnel may be enrolled in TRICARE Prime without an enrollment fee. Enroll online at www.tricare.mil or call 877-874-2273. Once enrollment is complete, personnel select a primary care manager to oversee their medical care.

All questions about services available and access may be directed to the health benefits adviser.


Phone: 888-NAVY-MED (888-628-9633)

The Naval Health Clinic New England Appointment Call Center offers a quick and easy way to schedule appointments and personal, efficient and streamlined service from specially trained appointment agents. Access to a primary care manager is also offered 24/7, including weekends and holidays, by calling the 888-628-9633. Note: TRICARE Online also allows you to view, schedule and cancel appointments at www.tricareonline.com.

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