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Naval Justice School

NS Newport Commands Naval Justice School

Building 360
360 Elliot St.
Phone 401-841-3800

Commanding Officer ext. 139
Executive Officer ext. 123
Navy Senior Enlisted Leader ext. 110
Marine Corps Senior Enlisted Adviser ext. 146
Education Programs Specialist ext. 129
Operations Officer ext. 230
Coast Guard Liaison ext. 147
Administrative Officer ext. 126
Student Services ext. 128
Registrar ext. 131
Assistance for Training ext. 125

Website: www.jag.navy.mil/njs.htm

Since its establishment in 1946 at Port Hueneme, California, the Naval Justice School has annually trained thousands of DOD personnel in all aspects of military law. In 1950, NJS moved to its present location in Newport. It currently provides accession and continuing legal training for all Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard lawyers and enlisted legal professionals, active and Reserve, as well as training for Sea Service commanders, legal officers, senior enlisted and others in the proper administration of military law. Staffed with officer and enlisted personnel from each of the Sea Services and supported by civilian administrative personnel, NJS currently offers more than 55 courses of instruction in Newport every year.

As the mission of NJS has expanded, additional offices have been opened to serve commands in different geographical areas. These offices include a detachment in San Diego, established in 1991 to conduct training on the West Coast and overseas Pacific; a branch at the Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School (U.S. Army) in Charlottesville, Virginia, established in 1991; and a detachment at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, added in 1995 to provide waterfront legal training at the largest naval base in the world.

A 10-week basic lawyer course trains Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard lawyers in the fundamentals of military justice and relevant civil law, with particular focus on the development of trial advocacy skills, administrative law and investigations, legal assistance, basic operational law and the preparation of new military attorneys to act as counsel at courts-martial. Graduates often return to NJS from the field for additional career training as staff judge advocates and for specialized training in operational law, civil law and military justice.

NJS and its detachments offer a number of courses to members who are not lawyers. A three-week legal officer course trains junior officers and senior enlisted personnel in the basic administration of military justice and prepares them for duty as unit, battalion and squadron legal officers. A three-day senior officer course, offered worldwide, provides commanding and executive officers with training on the Uniform Code of Military Justice and other matters relating to their legal responsibilities. A three-day senior enlisted leadership course provides legal training on topics commonly encountered by senior enlisted leaders.

NJS also provides extensive training for enlisted personnel performing legal duties. The 11-week legalman accession course provides intensive paralegal training for Navy enlisted personnel selected for the legalman rating. In addition, all legalmen are now required to participate in the Legalman Paralegal Education Program, leading to an Associate of Science in paralegal studies degree. The Marine Corps Legal Services Specialist Course, which runs for 11 weeks, is designed to give junior enlisted Marines the skills and training necessary to support legal offices throughout the Marine Corps. Select legal services specialists receive 13 weeks of training as court reporters. The school also holds a Coast Guard legal technician course to train selected personnel in basic military justice and civil law issues encountered in the Coast Guard. For Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel who are not in a legal rating or MOS, the school provides a two-week legal clerk course on preparing report chits, service record entries and other administrative matters relating to minor disciplinary infractions. In addition, NJS provides continuing legal training to enlisted legal professionals including courses in legal research and writing, ethics, leadership and professional development.

NJS provides ongoing training to the Navy and Marine Corps Reserve component officers and enlisted legal professionals with the support of NJS Reserve Unit 101 and its USMC individual mobilization activity detachment. This vital training includes annual Reserve legal update symposia, Reserve refresher courses in command services and legal assistance and focused enlisted paralegal training.

Finally, the school provides extensive training for commands in the local area including regular lectures at Officer Training Command’s Officer Development School, the Senior Enlisted Academy, the Surface Warfare Officers School, and the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center.

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