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User Guide – Operators Manual

User Guide – Operators Manual

NS Newport User Guide Operations Manual



Military installations have their own sets of rules and regulations that must be followed in order to keep everyone safe, informed
and secure.

This new section of our annual directory and guide is for personnel who come to the installation for the day or for the year. The following pages include information on making the most of your stay aboard the base — from rules of the road and access issues, to how to make reservations for a function on Bishop’s Rock picnic area. This is
your guide.

Hold onto this directory and we will update it again next year, as we are sure that many things will continue to change here at Naval Station Newport, the Navy’s Center of Excellence for officer and senior enlisted education and training.

Thank you,

NS Newport Public Affairs Office



P.S. If you have suggestions, corrections, additions or ideas on how to make this guide more useful and informative, email us and we’ll take your suggestions into consideration for next year’s publication!


Naval Station Newport website: www.cnic.navy.mil/newport

Naval Station Newport Facebook: Become a fan at www.facebook.com/NAVSTANewport.

This site provides up-to-date information on foul weather impacts on the base, MWR opportunities, changes that may impact gate operations, promotions and much, much more. Basewide messaging is passed along on this page first!*

The Newport Navalog: This weekly electronic newsletter contains information from all of the tenant commands (depending on what’s happening, of course). It is truly the installation newsletter that features such useful information as traffic announcements, basewide recreational events, job information and much, much more. The Navalog is posted each Friday by noon and can be accessed either directly from the installation website or via the NS Newport Facebook page.

Twitter: To follow NS Newport on twitter, please visit us: @NAVSTANEWPORTRI.

Instagram: Instagram.com/navstanewportri

Naval Station Newport instructions: All instructions mentioned in this book are available in their entirety either at www.cnic.navy.mil/Newport (click instructions tab) or by simply searching online using the full instruction number referenced.

*NS Newport is also a member of the Rhode Island Broadcasters Association. In the event of foul weather or other incidents that impact routine operations on the base, messages will be posted online at www.ribroadcasters.com and via all local TV and radio stations.


Base Condition Line 401-841-2211
Commissary 401-841-2111
Fire Department Non-urgent 401-841-2225
Fire Department Emergency 401-841-3333 or 911
Fleet & Family Support Center 401-841-2283
Galley (Ney Hall) 401-841-1083
GOTickets 401-841-2094
Navy College Office (Groton) 860-694-3335
NEX Main Store 401-841-1399
Navy Federal Credit Union 888-842-6328
Navy Gateway Inns & Suites Front Desk 401-841-7900
Navy Lodge Newport 401-849-4500, ext. 300
NMCRS Thrift Store 401-841-2917
Newport Chalet 401-841-0800
Officers’ Club 401-841-1442
Pass Office (base access) 401-841-3126
Personal Property Office 800-235-7776
Personnel Support Activity
Administration 401-841-2202
Staff Personnel 401-841-2276
Student Personnel 401-841-4372
ID Cards (see separate article) 401-841-3021
Religious Opportunities
Chapel of Hope 401-841-2234
Retired Activities Office 401-841-3030
Security Dispatch
Regional 401-841-3241/3242
Local 401-841-2226
Taxis: Orange Cab 401-841-0030
Airport Taxi 401-737-2868


Military Spouses of Newport*: www.milspousenewport.org
Navy 311: www.Navy311.navy.mil
Navy News Service: www.navy.mil
Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System: https://navyfamily.navy.mil
Navy League of Newport County*: www.newportnavyleague.us
Newport Navy Choristers*: www.newportnavychoristers.org
Personnel Support Detachment ID Card appointments: https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil
Ready Navy: www.ready.navy.mil
SAPR (Sexual Assault Prevention and Response): www.sapr.navy.mil
USO New England: https://newengland.uso.org

*These organizations are not official military groups but are authorized by the commanding officer to operate on the installation.

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