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Phoenix Real Estate Investment, LLC.
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About Our Business: Our company is a local Residential Re-development company that invest in residential real estate in the Hampton Roads local communities and neighborhoods. Providing real solutions to homeowners real estate challenges, which allows us to help homeowners out of a hard situation and add value and revitalization back to the local neighborhoods and communities in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.
Product Information: 1) Need to Sell your Home Fast: Allows homeowners a No-Obligation call with one of our experienced Acquisition Specialists to discuss with you about your situation, goals for selling and condition of the property. At the end schedule a second call for the following day to present you with your cash-out options. 2) Divorce Property Assist Program: This program provides couples who are in the middle of a divorce with a property they co-own together a fast, streamline and stress-free way to sell your property(s) with no money out of your pockets. 3) Bankruptcy Assist Program: This program help homeowners who are considering bankruptcy to prevent Foreclosure. This program helps us to evaluate your situation, property condition and provide you with cash out solutions. Solutions that will protect your credit score and financial future. 4) Pre-Forclosure Assist Program: Homeowners that are behind in payments on their mortgage and face foreclosure procedence against your property. This program will allow provide you with cash out solutions to sell your property fast. Protecting your credit score and financial future.
Useful Information: Working with our team as the homeowner you won’t have to worry about paying for any expensive repairs, we buy As-Is-Where-Is. You don’t have to worry about paying any commission fees. You don’t pay for any of the programs our company offers. Military and Veterans don’t pay for closing costs. Our system is design to give you cash out options that you choose. Keep money in your pocket. Finally, give you back the peace of mind that allows you and your family to live again. A way for our company to give back to the military and their families for the sacrifices they make everyday to protect our freedoms. We are here for you and your families.

Real Solutions for Your Real Estate Problems

Phoenix Real Estate Investment LLC in Suffolk, Virginia connects homeowners with our investor partners. We work to create win-win opportunities for our customers and our investor partners at no cost to our customers.

What sets us apart is we focus on the seller’s motivation for selling and trying to meet their goals. With us, there are no realtor commission fees and no home inspection—just cash offer.

How It Works

At Phoenix Real Estate Investment LLC, we understand that the process of selling your house can be a difficult experience. This is why we provide easy and fast solutions for our clients’ home selling needs. We will give you a fair offer and explain how we arrived at that price. Rest assured, you will pay no hidden fees, charges, or real estate commissions. We will streamline the entire selling process from start to finish.

Our team has helped hundreds of clients like you by buying their properties. No matter what the situation you are in, we are here to buy your house. We can help, especially if you:

  • Owe more on your mortgage than what your home is worth
  • Are facing foreclosure
  • Are relocating
  • Are looking to downsize
  • Need cash for medical expenses
  • Are looking for a fresh start


Let Phoenix Real Estate Investment LLC in Suffolk, Virginia help you. Receive a cash offer for your house within 24 hours after we view
the property, guaranteed.


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