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Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services

Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services

NSA Mechanicsburg DLA Disposition Services


Building 206
717-605-2347 or DSN 430-2347

NSA Mechanicsburg Director Atkins-Nunez

Kathy Atkins-Nunez
Disposal Services Director, East Region,
Defense Logistics Agency
Disposition Services


MISSION: DLA Disposition Services supports the warfighter and protects the public by providing worldwide disposal management solutions.

VISION: Be the preferred choice for worldwide reuse and disposal solutions, and an integral partner in safe­-guarding national security and improving efficiency and effectiveness in the global supply chain.

Part of the Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Disposition Services disposes of excess property received from the military services. The inventory changes daily and includes thousands of items, from air conditioners to vehicles, clothing to computers and much more. This property is first offered for reutilization by military units and other elements of the DOD.

Transfer to other federal agencies, or donation to state and local governments and other qualified organizations can follow for items that are not reused by the military. Reutilization means big savings. In fiscal 2014 alone, more than $3 billion worth of property was reused. Every dollar’s worth of property reutilized is a tax dollar saved for military units or other eligible recipients.

DLA Disposition Services also supports disaster relief at home, and humanitarian assistance and foreign military sales programs. DLA Disposition Services provide hazardous waste removal service for DOD customers as well, using regulated contractors to provide proper environmental compliance. Usable property that is safe for sale to the public is taken over by contractors who sell it through online auctions.

Current contracts are expected to result in at least tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue, used to offset the overall cost of military logistics. Sale of scrap brings additional revenue and DLA Disposition Services has saved the government $267 million over the past 30-plus years through precious metal recovery. There are sites like the NSA Mechanicsburg site in 40 other states and 16 foreign countries, including forward located sites in contingency operating areas.

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