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Building 306C

Welcome to Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg. We are in Central Pennsylvania on the northeastern boundary of Mechanicsburg in Hampden Township.

The Naval Support Activity staff provides base operating support to more than 150 buildings with 7.9 million square feet of space. The various land uses at NSA fall into four functional areas: administrative, warehouse, MWR and base housing.

With 130 employees and a $10 million budget, this small staff makes big strides ensuring 4,600 base employees come to work each day in a safe, secure, functioning work environment. We are committed to providing effective and efficient world-class base operating support to our tenants, visitors and residents, while enabling our warfighters and supporting our families.

Military: 6
Civilians: 109
Contractors: 15
Total: 130




NSA Mechanicsburg History

As our nation’s war machine moved into high gear in response to World War II, the Navy’s supply system was woefully insufficient. Overcrowded and vulnerable coastal facilities were in dire need of relief. As Navy leaders looked across the nation to expand, Mechanicsburg was one of five locations chosen for new depots. Close to major road and rail networks, the bucolic Pennsylvania countryside offered an ideal location.

The establishment of the Naval Supply Depot, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, was authorized with the passing of Public Law No. 353 by the 77th Congress on Dec. 17, 1941. The base was commissioned Oct. 1, 1942.

The Ships Parts Control Center was commissioned as a tenant activity of the Naval Supply Depot on July 16, 1945. SPCC spun off from the Naval Supply Depot in 1953 and became a full-fledged activity with its own commanding officer.

The next major change occurred July 1972 when the Naval Supply Depot merged with the Navy Ships Parts Control Center. With 2,800 military and civilian employees, including 600 who were transferred from NSD, SPCC was the largest activity at Mechanicsburg.

The 1990s witnessed some reorganization, as SPCC merged with the Aviation Support Office in Philadelphia to form the Naval Inventory Control Point.

In July 1996, the Naval Supply Systems Command headquarters moved to Mechanicsburg from its leased facilities in Crystal City, Virginia. This move brought the status of a Supply Corps rear admiral upper half and an influx of new faces to the base. The headquarters activity was now physically aligned with two of NAVSUP’s activities: Naval Inventory Control Point and the Fleet Material Support Office.

In 1998, the management of the
base turned over to Navy Region Mid-Atlantic in Norfolk, Virginia, and the host command, the Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg, with detachments in northeast Philadelphia and at the Naval Ship Yard in Philadelphia, formally stood up. The base was renamed “Naval Support Activity,” with NAVSUP, NAVICP and the Navy Supply Information Systems Activity as primary tenants.

Today, NSA Mechanicsburg has some 4,600 civilian, military and industry partners assigned to more than 37 tenant activities. The largest of these are: NAVSUP Weapons Systems Support, with approximately 1,000 personnel; the NAVSUP Business Systems Center, with approximately 1,000 personnel; and NAVSUP headquarters, with a complement of approximately 500 personnel.



Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg

Mechanicsburg_2018 Mechanicsburg Base Services and MWR


Appy’s Cafe

Building 214, O Street
6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday

Auto Skills Center

Building 214, O Street
ext. 4338

Noon to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Monday by appointment only

The Auto Skills Center provides a full range of automotive services to include inspections. The eight bays and 16 long-term bays can be rented monthly. Two full-time licensed and certified technicians work at the facility.


Building 214, O Street
ext. 4344

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

The full-service barbershop is adjacent to NEX.

Bowling Alley

Building 214, O Street
ext. 2297

Lane 8 Bowling Center has eight lanes and provides bowling balls and shoes. Lanes are equipped with AMF automatic pin spotting machines and an automatic scoring system. There are periodic bowling events, but the facility is primarily for private rental only.



Chaplain support is provided by Naval Weapons Station Earle by:

Lt. Michael Sparrow – Chaplain



• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255
• Navy Suicide and Domestic Violence Prevention (FFSC): 757-444-2102
• Victim Advocate: 717-363-0060
• National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233 or www.thehotline.org

Child Development Center

Building 19, C Street
ext. 5683

6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

The Child Development Center offers enrichment and development programs for children of active-duty, civilian and contract employees. The CDC is an accredited program with age-appropriate activities for infant, pre-toddlers, toddlers and preschool year-round.

Community Recreation

Building 214, O Street
Office recording: ext. 2297
Direct line: ext. 2266


Like us on Facebook at “NSAMECHMWR”

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Community Recreation offers discount ticket sales for a number of local, regional and national attractions. Group and individual travel services are also available.

Disc Golf Course

On the former golf course along the eastern side of the installation, this nine-hole disc course is free. Equipment can be picked up at the Fitness Center by calling ext. 8147.


Emergency Management

Building 306C and 306A
Emergency: 911
Nonemergency number for Emergency Management officer: 484-547-9898
Emergency Operations Center: 717-605-1664/1589/1621/1696/1722
(DSN prefix is 430)

Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg Emergency Management prepares for, responds to, recovers from and mitigates disasters. It maintains an “all hazards” emergency management plan and guides tenant activities and on-base residents in their emergency preparedness efforts. It operates an on-base Emergency Operations Center and uses the National Incident Management System and Incident Command System to coordinate multiagency responses to emergencies.

Fire and Emergency Services

Building 306A
Emergency: 911
Nonemergency: 717-605-3467
Fire prevention staff: 717-605-1757/1758

Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg emergency services provide military, civilians, contractors and guests of the Naval Support Activity first response to fire, medical, rescue or hazardous material response. Personnel are well trained to support the needs of the installation with 24-hour service. They also provide fire prevention inspections and services that ensure a safe work environment. The fire department has mutual aid service agreements with the surrounding communities.

Fitness Center

Building 214, O Street
ext. 8147


5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday through Sunday

This recently modernized facility hosts a complete line of free weights, plate-loaded machines, cardio machines, treadmills, bicycles, a racquetball court and a structured activities room. The locker rooms are equipped with a sauna and showers. Lockers can be rented on a yearly basis. Gear issue times are available for checkout.

Fleet and Family Services


NWS Earle provides these services for NSA Mechanicsburg.


• Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocate: 717-363-0060
• Sexual Assault Response Coordinator: 732-239-3730 (NWS Earle)

Health Clinic

Building 23A, Zero Avenue
ext. 2636


7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

A variety of occupational health services are available for federal employees and active-duty personnel who need medical surveillance examinations.

If you are sick, call your physician. For emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Branch Health Clinic Mechanicsburg does not offer any pharmacy services due to its limited scope of practice as an occupational health facility.

Household Goods

Carlisle Barracks Transportation Office
Inbound: 717-245-4382, DSN 242-4382
Outbound: 717-245-4968, DSN 242-4968

Inspector General

Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic
Building 310A
Toll-free hotline: 855-266-1145
Hotline email: crnma.ighotline@navy.mil
Local office: 717-605-3948
DSN: 430-3948

7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday

Navy Exchange

Building 214, Second Avenue/O Street
ext. 2608


7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday

A Bingham award-winning Navy Exchange, the NSA Mechanicsburg NEX offers a wide variety of merchandise and services. The facility has a full line of military clothing and accessories. The facility also has a package store that includes a walk-in cooler. Civilian employees are allowed to purchase select food and nonalcoholic beverages for on-base consumption.

Pass and Id

North Gate
ext. 2276

7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Set up an appointment online at https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil

Safety Office

Building 306C

The NSA Mechanicsburg Safety Office provides myriad safety services to NSA employees and tenant organizations. Its mission is to prevent mishaps to save lives and preserve resources by promoting its vision to empower all sailors, Marines, civilians and their families to collectively embrace a proactive command culture of risk identification and management to achieve zero preventable mishaps. The office encourages everyone to think safety first and to contact the office with any concern you may have. NSA Safety is here for you.


• Accident investigating and reporting.
• Workplace Inspection Program.
• System safety review.
• Technical assistance.
• Recreational safety.
• OSH standards interpretation.
• Employee report of unsafe or unhealthful working conditions.
• Hazard abatement.
• Hazardous material storage.
• Hazardous material use.
• Occupational health information.
• Radiation safety.
• Respiratory protection.
• Confined space entry.
• Ergonomics.
• Indoor air quality.
• Hearing conservation and noise issues.
• Explosives safety.
• Traffic safety.
• Fall protection.
• Weight handling.
• Material handling.
• Lock-out and tag-out.
• Safety and health awareness.
• Personnel protective equipment.
• Safety equipment and supplies.
• Sight conservation.
• Blood-borne pathogens.
• Training program.


CELLPHONES, TEXTING AND DRIVER DISTRACTIONS: All motor vehicle operators on Navy installations and operators of government-owned and leased vehicles (including rental cars while on temporary additional duty) on and off Navy installations shall not use cellphones or other handheld electronic devices unless the vehicle is safely parked. Additionally, the wearing of any portable headphones, earphones or other listening devices while operating a motor vehicle is prohibited. Military and civilian personnel who operate PMVs off base shall comply with host nation, state and local laws. All personnel are encouraged to refrain from any activity that may be a distraction while driving and lead to traffic mishaps (e.g., eating, text messaging, adjusting the radio or compact disc player, shaving, applying makeup or reading maps, newspapers, magazines, books, etc.)

CROSSWALKS: The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.

PEDESTRIAN SAFETY: Wearing portable headphones, earphones, cellular hands-free devices, radios, recording devices or other portable listening devices while running, jogging, walking, bicycling, skating or skateboarding in roadways and streets impairs recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements and the approach of emergency vehicles. Use of these devices while performing the noted activities on Navy installations is prohibited.

School Liaison Officer


NWS Earle & NSA Mechanicsburg/ Philadelphia
Phone: 732-866-2472
Cell: 732-207-2779
DSN: 449-2472
Fax: 732-866-1042
Email: Lindsay.fontana@navy.mil



Navy Housing Service Center

Building 900, adjacent to the East Gate

7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

Housing services are available at the Navy Housing Service Center to assist military and Department of Defense personnel and their families in finding a home in the Mechanicsburg area.

NSA Mechanicsburg on-base housing is a privatized housing site owned and operated by Mid-Atlantic Military Family Communities LLC, a private entity managed by Lincoln Military Housing. Both Lincoln Military Housing and Navy Housing staff are at the Navy Housing Service Center.

There are 31 homes on base, which consist of 20 officer three- and four-bedroom singles, one flag officer home and 10 enlisted three- and four-bedroom singles. There are no bachelor officers or enlisted quarters at NSA Mechanicsburg. To learn more about Lincoln Military Housing, contact 717-620-8525. To see photos of the newly built homes at Mechanicsburg, check out Lincoln Military Housing’s website at http://lincolnmilitary.com/installations/mechanicsburg-nsa.

To be placed on the waiting list for housing, service members must forward a completed DD Form 1746 (Application for Military Family Housing), Sex Offender Policy Acknowledgement & Disclosure form, a copy of their PCS orders and Dependency Verification (Page 2 or DEERS form) via fax to the Housing Service Center at 717-605-5370, DSN 430-5370 or via mail to Navy Housing Service Center, Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg,
5450 Carlisle Pike, Code N93, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-0788. Names will be placed on the Navy housing waiting list as of the date of detachment from the member’s present permanent duty station as long as the member submits and confirms the application within
30 days after the report date to Mechanicsburg. Advanced applications are welcome. If you do not apply or confirm your housing application within 30 days, the control date is the date the Navy Housing Service Center receives the application.

The Housing Service Center also offers community rental and sales listings. Housing accepts listings for vacant rental homes in the surrounding Mechanicsburg area. This is free home advertising; just call 717-605-2900 for more information.



Members 1st Federal Credit Union

Building 310


Services: Lobby and ATM, drop box, coin counter (ATM only in Building 214)

10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday

Members 1st Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, full-service financial institution based in Mechanicsburg. The credit union began in
April 1950 as NSD Mechanicsburg Federal Credit Union and has grown to serve more than 350,000 members worldwide. The credit union’s extensive branch network reaches across south-central Pennsylvania. Members 1st offers a wide range of products and services for personal and business accounts. It is federally insured by NCUA.



AFGE Local 1156

Building 311

MISSION: Promote unity of action in all matters affecting the interests of federal employees and improve the quality and conditions of government employment.

VISION: Promote and protect the best interests of workers in the federal government by ensuring equality, fairness and dignity so that the principles of freedom, democracy and justice flourish and endure in our nation’s federal workplaces.

AFGE Local 1156 is dedicated to protecting the workplace rights of civil servants employed at NSA Mechanicsburg and other locations worldwide. It is committed to helping provide good government services, while ensuring that all government workers are treated fairly and with dignity.

AFGE Local 1156 has over 50 officers and stewards, representing more than 20 bargaining units, totaling approximately 2,500 employees in Mechanicsburg and other locations.

Throughout its history, AFGE has relied on the strength of its members and union leaders to increase participation, fight for equality in the workplace and build its legislative relationships.

AFGE Local 1156 builds the effectiveness of the union by organizing, educating and mobilizing workers in the federal government to collectively advocate in the workplace, the community, the media and the political and legislative processes at all levels of government in order to improve working conditions.



Buildings 112 and 113

MISSION: Provide end-to-end lifecycle support to keep government agencies online both afloat and onshore.

VISION: Be the government’s “IT Solutions Partner of Choice,” helping to achieve business, mission and policy outcomes.

Perspecta, in support of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet, is responsible for the life cycle of all U.S. Navy information technology products. With 100 employees, it provides value-added services to the government. Services include procurement, imaging, delivery and disposition. Along with seven other warehouses, the NSA Mechanicsburg site is the central warehousing hub for the next-generation contract.

Contractors: 100



Building 112

7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

MISSION: Provide meaningful employment for the blind. Today, LC Industries is the largest employer of people who are blind in the United States.

One-stop shopping for office supplies is available at NSA Mechanicsburg. This program is for government purchase cardholders only. This center also has GSA Schedules available for purchases over the micro-purchase threshold. At NSA Mechanicsburg, thousands of in-store product lines and access to more than 1.5 million products through an extensive vendor network is available. In addition, LCI (formerly known as BSC) has direct vendor relationships with over 200 vendors including: Tag, Avery, 3M, Surefire, Belleville, GSA, Envision, DLA, Mercury Luggage, Leatherman, King Signs, Highpoint Furniture and more. Custom products such as coins, mats, rugs, patches and furniture are also available. There is a price match guarantee.


Naval Supply Systems Command

Building 309

NSA Mechanicsburg Rear Adm Yuen

Rear Adm. Michelle Skubic
Naval Supply Systems Command

NSA Mechanicsburg Vice Commander Madden

Michael Madden
Vice Commander,
Naval Supply Systems Command

Mechanicsburg 2018 Chief of Staff

Capt. Tim Daniels
Chief of Staff,
Naval Supply Systems Command


MISSION: To provide supplies, services and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter.

VISION: Be Navy’s trusted provider of supplies, services, and quality-of-life support.


• ­We always do what is right for the Navy.
• ­We relentlessly pursue customer satisfaction.
• ­We are tenacious, agile, flexible and responsive in supporting the warfighter.
• ­We foster an environment of innovation, initiative, and mutual trust and respect.
• ­We value individual integrity, courage and accountability.

The men and women of Naval Supply Systems Command provide supplies, services and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter. NAVSUP manages supply chains that provide material for Navy aircraft, surface ships, submarines and their associated weapons systems. NAVSUP provides centralized inventory management for Navy’s non-nuclear ordnance stockpile, and develops, implements and administers naval ordnance stockpile management policy. NAVSUP provides assistance and technical expertise to ensure bulk petroleum distribution systems, operations, requirements and quality meet warfighter needs to enable optimal combat capability. NAVSUP fuel professionals maintain and operate the Navy’s deep-water bulk fuel terminals in support of naval, joint and multinational forces. NAVSUP provides a wide range of base operating and waterfront logistics support services, coordinating material deliveries, contracting for supplies and services, and providing material management and warehousing services. NAVSUP is responsible for many of the quality-of-life programs that touch the lives of sailors and their families every day, including Navy Exchanges, Navy Lodges, the Navy Personal Property Program, and the Navy Postal System. NAVSUP administers the Navy Food Service Program, with responsibility for the policies and procedures that govern the day-to-day operations of general messes afloat and ashore.

With headquarters in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, NAVSUP employs a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel. In addition to its headquarters activity, the NAVSUP enterprise is comprised of 11 commands worldwide.

NAVSUP has a tradition of meeting the tests of dynamic operating and fiscal environments and remains dedicated to ensuring the Navy is ready to meet its mission. It is the resiliency and adaptability of its supply community (civilian, active duty, and reserve component) that allows NAVSUP to overcome challenges, provides solutions, and deliver to the customer. NAVSUP sustains the fleet today, plans for tomorrow, and is always ready for sea and is proud to be the Navy’s trusted provider of supplies, services and quality-of-life support. NAVSUP success ensures the global supply chain is responsive to its customers’ requirements in an ever-changing environment. NAVSUP’s supply community is committed to demonstrating how it fights every day by ensuring our Navy is ready and responsive.

NAVSUP has three strategic priorities:

• Its people: NAVSUP will continue to emphasize a culture of inclusion built upon the foundations of mutual trust, respect and the value of diverse ideas. This environment welcomes innovation and courage by placing great value on new ways of thinking and the abilities and backgrounds of its people.
• Its customers: NAVSUP earns its customers’ trust and confidence, demonstrating its relevance by collaborating with them to maintain alignment to their operational and quality-of-life needs. Customers depend on NAVSUP’s ability to innovate, solve problems and deliver efficiencies.
• Its processes: NAVSUP must continue to challenge the way it does business, while assuring all it does is auditable and cyber secure. NAVSUP’s decisions will be data-driven and aligned with fleet requirements.


HQ civilians: 570
HQ military: 33
Total: 603

NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support

Mechanicsburg 2018 NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support


Building 311

Mechanicsburg 2018 Rear Admiral

Rear Admiral Duke Heinz
Systems Support

NSA Mechanicsburg Vice Commander Kohl

Lynn Kohl
Vice Commander,
Systems Support

NSA Mechanicsburg Capt Rudy Geisler

Capt. Rudy Geisler
Deputy Commander,
Ships and Submarines,
Systems Support


MISSION: Provide our Navy, Marine Corps, joint and allied forces program and supply support for the weapon systems that keep our naval forces mission ready.


A field activity of the Naval Supply Systems Command, NAVSUP WSS is the U.S. Navy’s only Program Support Inventory Control Point and supply chain manager providing worldwide support to aviation, surface ship and submarine communities. NAVSUP WSS provides Navy, Marine Corps, joint and allied forces with products and services that deliver combat capability through logistics. The NAVSUP WSS Philadelphia site supports aircraft, while its Mechanicsburg site supports ships and submarines and the Norfolk, Virginia, site provides transportation and distribution and price-fighting expertise.


On Oct. 2, 1995, the Naval Inventory Control Point was established with the merging of the former Aviation Supply Office in Philadelphia and Ships Parts Control Center in Mechanicsburg. The purpose of this merger was to bring together all of the Navy’s Program Support Inventory Control Point functions under a single command. The merger resulted in reduced costs and infrastructure, as well as standardized and more efficient inventory management procedures throughout the supply chain.

In October 2002, the U.S. Navy Price Fighters, recognized as the Department of Defense’s world-class cost and pricing providers who directly support the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Better Buying Power initiatives, became part of NAVSUP WSS. The group is in Norfolk, Virginia.

On July 1, 2011, NAVICP’s name changed to NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support as a result of a Naval Supply Systems Command’s enterprise-wide branding initiative.

In October 2014, the transportation and distribution department transitioned from NAVSUP Global Logistics Support to NAVSUP WSS and became the command’s Code N092. N092, in Norfolk, Virginia, recently became the Transportation and Distribution Directorate (N3) and is responsible for partnering with transportation service providers and distribution process stakeholders to provide world-class services to move personnel and material in support of naval customers throughout the world.

NAVSUP WSS business is Navy readiness. By understanding the complexity of Navy weapon systems program support and life cycle management, NAVSUP WSS is responsive, responsible and accountable to the fleet and Navy leadership and directly contributes to Navy readiness and wartime dominance.


Military: 53
Civilians: 1,092
Contractors: 35
Total: 1,180



Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania

NSA Mechanicsburg DLA Distribution



Mechanicsburg 2018 Commanding Officer

Colonel James Callis
United States Army
Commanding Officer,
DLA Distribution
Susquehanna, Pennsylvania


MISSION: Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania’s is the eastern strategic distribution platform for storage and distribution supporting DOD and valued customers globally.

VISION: Deliver the right solution on time, every time with healthy, highly trained employees who champion safety, are united in effort and fully diverse in background, and are fully engaged in bold leadership and innovation to best support the warfighter.


The DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, is a long-standing tenant of the Naval Support Activity in Mechanicsburg. As the DLA Distribution command’s largest center, this strategic distribution platform is responsible to receive, store, control and ship mission-critical parts to all branches of the U.S. armed services, foreign military services and other federal agencies in the eastern U.S. and overseas.

The history of DLA at the Naval Support Activity began when it was initially named the Defense Supply Agency. The Defense Depot Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, was established January 1963 for distributing supplies worldwide, primarily to U.S. military units but also in support of natural disasters and recovery efforts. Early operations included medical set assembly; disposal functions; and the issuing of medical, subsistence, clothing and textile, as well as industrial commodities. By 1969, it employed nearly 2,000 people and occupied over 3 million square feet of covered storage space. When DDMP and the New Cumberland Army Depot were merged as one DLA activity in 1991, DDMP was processing 73,000 items per week and occupied 41 buildings.

The merger for the dual-sited location demanded a strategic plan for an internal reconfiguration and shift in workload. High-demand supply items and most of the special operations have been consolidated to the New Cumberland site, where the command is headquartered. Stock ordered less frequently, inactive items, plus large construction and industrial commodities are managed 11 miles to the west at its Mechanicsburg campus at NSA, referred internally as its west site. As of 2018, DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, carries 850,000 national stock numbers worth $13 billion and maintains 9 million square feet of storage with a workforce of over 1,700. From that total, the west site is responsible for over 457,114 stock numbers in 30 buildings and three lots consisting of 3.5 million square feet of storage space and employs 228 dedicated personnel that execute either distribution or support functions.


Military: 1
Civilians: 227
Total: 228


Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Mechanicsburg

Mechanicsburg 2018 DLA Aviation


Building 404

NSA Mechanicsburg Division Chief Youngman

Dana Youngman
Division Chief,
DLA Aviation Engineering Industrial Plant Equipment Services (IPES)


MISSION: Sustain warfighter readiness and lethality by delivering proactive global logistics in peace and war.

VISION: We are the nation’s combat logistics support agency: global, agile and innovative; focused on the warfighter first Core Values: Leadership, professionalism, and technical knowledge through dedication to duty, integrity, ethics, honor, courage and loyalty.

VALUES: Our values provide the foundation for all of the actions we take and the decisions we make in support of our customers, stakeholders, workforce and partners. Our values are integrity, resiliency, diversity, innovation, accountability and excellence.


DLA Aviation is the aviation demand and supply manager for Defense Logistics Agency with over 3,500 civilian and military personnel in 18 locations across the United States.

DLA Aviation supports more than 2,000 weapon systems and is the U.S. military’s integrated material manager for more than 1.2 million national stock number items, industrial retail supply and depot-level repairable acquisitions.

Using a comprehensive demand planning process, DLA Aviation’s priorities align with those of its military customers.

DLA Aviation Mechanicsburg operates an industrial plant equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul facility. This one-of-a-kind DOD program refurbishes equipment from multi-ton lathes to small communication devices. These highly skilled workers provide a significant savings to the taxpayer by refurbishing equipment and returning it to its user.

DLA Aviation also manages industrial support activities at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia; Tinker AFB, Oklahoma; Hill AFB, Utah; Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina; Naval Air Station North Island, California; and NAS Jacksonville, Florida.

DLA Aviation manages depot-level repairable procurement operations at Robins, Tinker and Hill Air Force bases; NAVSUP WSS, Philadelphia; and Redstone Army Arsenal, Alabama.

At NSA Mechanicsburg, Industrial Plant Equipment provides the machine tools for the Department of Defense maintenance facilities worldwide that are required to design, build and maintain weapons and weapon systems, including aircraft, missiles, ships and tanks, while providing value and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

DLA Aviation civilians: 68

Defense Logistics Agency Aviation: www.dla.mil/aviation
DLA Aviation Industrial Plant Services: www.dla.mil/Aviation/Offers/Services/AviationEngineering
Defense Logistics Agency: www.dla.mil

Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services

NSA Mechanicsburg DLA Disposition Services


Building 206
717-605-2347 or DSN 430-2347

NSA Mechanicsburg Director Atkins-Nunez

Kathy Atkins-Nunez
Disposal Services Director, East Region,
Defense Logistics Agency
Disposition Services


MISSION: DLA Disposition Services supports the warfighter and protects the public by providing worldwide disposal management solutions.

VISION: Be the preferred choice for worldwide reuse and disposal solutions, and an integral partner in safe­-guarding national security and improving efficiency and effectiveness in the global supply chain.

Part of the Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Disposition Services disposes of excess property received from the military services. The inventory changes daily and includes thousands of items, from air conditioners to vehicles, clothing to computers and much more. This property is first offered for reutilization by military units and other elements of the DOD.

Transfer to other federal agencies, or donation to state and local governments and other qualified organizations can follow for items that are not reused by the military. Reutilization means big savings. In fiscal 2014 alone, more than $3 billion worth of property was reused. Every dollar’s worth of property reutilized is a tax dollar saved for military units or other eligible recipients.

DLA Disposition Services also supports disaster relief at home, and humanitarian assistance and foreign military sales programs. DLA Disposition Services provide hazardous waste removal service for DOD customers as well, using regulated contractors to provide proper environmental compliance. Usable property that is safe for sale to the public is taken over by contractors who sell it through online auctions.

Current contracts are expected to result in at least tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue, used to offset the overall cost of military logistics. Sale of scrap brings additional revenue and DLA Disposition Services has saved the government $267 million over the past 30-plus years through precious metal recovery. There are sites like the NSA Mechanicsburg site in 40 other states and 16 foreign countries, including forward located sites in contingency operating areas.

Civilians: 21


Defense Logistics Agency Document Services

Mechanicsburg 2018 DLA Document Services

Production Shop

Building 410

6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

MISSION: DLA Document Services is the Department of Defense’s single manager for printing and high-speed, high-volume duplicating — including both the operation of DOD in-house facilities and the procurement of these services from outside the DOD — and as the preferred provider of document conversion and automation services.

VISION: Transform the Department of Defense from high-volume document printing to lower volume print on demand and online electronic content and records management.


Office equipment: DLA Document Services is one of the government’s largest providers of office equipment. Its equipment management solutions program provides networked multifunctional devices that print, scan, copy and fax all in one compact system.

Document scanning and conversion: DLA Document Services converts paper documents and media into electronic file formats that are easily searchable and retrievable from a desktop. This electronic content can also be enriched with DLA Document Services’ content and records management application support.

Print services: DLA Document Services provides high-quality, low-cost document solutions including copy and print services, custom and specialty products, desktop publishing, CD and DVD duplication, mailing services and much more.

DLA Document Services is the military’s preferred provider for not only printing just about anything, but also records management solutions, document scanning and conversion, desktop publishing, CD and DVD duplication, and building and maintaining electronic document repositories.

Civilians: 13


Naval Acquisition Career Center

Building 214

NACC Director Kathy Spencer

Cathy W. Spencer
Naval Acquisition Career Center

NSA Mechanicsburg Deputy Director McKelvey

Chris McKelvey
Deputy Director,
Naval Acquisition Career Center


The Naval Acquisition Career Center is located within the Naval Support Activity Complex, Mechanicsburg. NACC executes the centralized acquisition workforce programs for the Navy’s director, Acquisition Career Management as part of the assistant secretary of the Navy (research, development and acquisition).

MISSION: Provide the DON acquisition enterprise with the workforce development tools and programs that enable delivery of the products and services required by the warfighter.

VISION: An effective, innovative and empowered team leading the acquisition enterprise in the development of a diverse, world-class workforce.

• ­Focus on the customer.
• ­Foster a culture of excellence.
• ­Encourage innovation.
• ­Promote respect and integrity.

From a strategic standpoint, NACC is aligned in accordance with DOD and Department of the Navy strategies for acquisition workforce, human capital strategy and human capital initiatives. The program directly supports the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act of 1990 (USC 10, Chapter 87) and as such is designed to improve professionalism and enhance business and technical skills in the acquisition workforce.

Strategic goals include facilitating acquisition workforce availability for required training, education and professional certifications and providing high-quality Naval Acquisition Development Program graduates to refresh and grow the DON acquisition workforce, in addition to leveraging an effective, innovative and empowered NACC team to meet the needs of the acquisition workforce enterprise. These goals are built on the foundation of two key NACC functions: the Naval Acquisition Development Program and acquisition workforce programs.

NADP Recruitment and Career Management

The NADP focuses intently on training and development and has a goal of developing Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act-certified, journeyman-level acquisition workforce members with the objective of providing for the sustainment of the acquisition workforce. This ensures that warfighter sustainment can be accomplished via this group of highly qualified and talented individuals whom support the mission of the DOD.

Working in concert with 13 Navy and Marine Corps systems commands and major organizations, NACC is responsible for the centralized recruiting and hiring of the NADP candidate, leveraging the tools provided in USAJOBS to advertise positions. Recruitment and hiring is typically achieved by using hiring flexibilities such as Schedule A, veterans recruitment appointment, 30 percent disabled, expedited hiring authority, Pathways — recent graduates and delegated examining.

Within the NADP, two distinct programs exist: NADP-entry level and NADP-associates. The entry-level program targets recent college graduates while the associate program provides a hiring path for mid-career professionals, both of which are designed to maintain the human capital structure of the acquisition workforce. The development plan of the NADP hire is instrumental to the program’s success. Candidates typically spend two to three years within the program. During this period each participant is required to complete a detailed individual development plan, developed by career field subject matter experts, which features Defense Acquisition University training, development of specific career field competencies, rotational assignments and acquisition leadership training. During the time in the program, NACC staff executes all of the administrative functions associated with a government employee, allowing the host command to concentrate solely on employee development. On average, over a thousand participants are active in the NADP at any time. Since its inception in 1985, nearly 10,000 participants have successfully completed the program.

Acquisition Workforce Programs

For the total workforce, NACC is responsible for ensuring that acquisition workforce members receive the training and education needed for legislated acquisition career field certification, Acquisition Corps membership and continuous learning requirements. The Defense Acquisition University delivers courses through classroom offerings and distance learning (web-based) courses; NACC Defense Acquisition University registrars place students in these offerings based upon their priority, which is determined by their certification requirements established by Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act policy.

Navy acquisition workforce administration is managed in an electronic system, “eDACM,” which tracks individual acquisition workforce-related data and interfaces with other Navy and DOD systems. eDACM is composed of five separate support functions that drive Defense Acquisition University training, continuous learning, the Acquisition Workforce Tuition Assistance Program, career field certification and Defense Acquisition Corps membership.

eDACM acts as a portal for the DACM Management Information System, which provides leadership the capability to mine data and provide metrics that report on the health and current status of the DON’s acquisition workforce. Furthermore, NACC provides a key support function for eDACM, serving as the Navy help desk and customer interface for all 60,000 Navy acquisition workforce users as well as many customers outside of the acquisition arena.

Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act acquisition workforce members must uphold and enhance their professional certification through continuous learning. NACC administers and manages the program in eDACM that assists the workforce in managing their “points.” A Navy-specific hallmark of the continuous learning program, managed by NACC, was the establishment and continuation of acquisition initial and journeyman leadership development training. These two curriculums provide a leadership continuum allowing for personal development over time.

To further support the acquisition workforce, NACC administers the Acquisition Workforce Tuition Assistance Program that assists DON civilian acquisition workforce members in meeting mandatory and desired education standards for Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act certification for their designated career field. Furthermore, this is to meet statutory requirements for their position or educational requirements for Defense Acquisition Corps membership.

NACC provides a broad spectrum of support and unique approach to management of the current and future acquisition workforce, making it a premier organization for growth, development and sustainment of the Navy acquisition workforce.


Naval Sea Logistics Center

Building 307

Mechanicsburg 2018 NSLC Commanding Officer

Capt. Shane Brown
Commanding Officer,
Naval Sea Logistics Center

Mechanicsburg 2018 NSLC Executive Officer

Cmdr. Steven Macdonald
Executive Officer,
Naval Sea Logistics Center

NSA Mechanicsburg Technical Director Schneider

Robert Schneider
Technical Director,
Naval Sea Logistics Center

MISSION: Keeping our Navy No. 1 in the world by providing superior, cost effective, and innovative logistics, engineering, information technology, and quality assurance solutions that meet the life cycle requirements of our Navy.

VISION: Be a world class provider of logistics and information technology support to our Navy.

Since 1986, the Naval Sea Logistics Center has been supporting the fleet with integrated logistics support, engineering, quality assurance and information technology expertise.

The center serves as the Naval Sea System Command’s technical agent for developing, maintaining and assessing life cycle logistics support policies, procedures, products and data systems. In doing so, it provides the logistics foundation required to implement cost-effective life cycle logistics and maintenance support and solutions for NAVSEA’s acquisition and sustainment program offices, warfare centers and fleet units. The center employs 544 engineers, information technology specialists, technicians, logistics and administrative personnel.

In addition to its headquarters at the Naval Support Activity in Mechanicsburg, Naval Sea Logistics Center operates sites at Indian Head, Maryland; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Norfolk, Virginia; Mayport, Florida; San Diego; and all NAVSEA warfare center locations.

Military: 2
Civilians: 494
Contractors: 150
Total: 646


NAVSUP Business Systems Center

Building 409

NSA Mechanicsburg Capt Doug Bridges Jr

Capt. Doug Bridges Jr.
Commanding Officer,
Naval Supply
Systems Command,
Business Systems Center

Mechincsburg 2018 NAVSUP Business Systems Center

Cmdr. Bob Winters
Executive Officer,
Naval Supply
Systems Command,
Business Systems Center

NSA Mechanicsburg Executive Director Zirbel

Brian Zirbel
Executive Director,
Naval Supply
Systems Command,
Business Systems Center


MISSION: Deliver information technology and information management (IT/IM) solutions with specific emphasis on logistics and financial related products.

VISION: Be the IT/IM solution provider of choice, delivering best value products and services in full partnership with stakeholders.

The IT professionals at the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Business Systems Center (BSC) deliver IT solutions to stakeholders. As a central design facility, NAVSUP BSC is the preferred provider of business information systems for DOD, Navy, NAVSUP Enterprise, and their international partners.

Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pa., NAVSUP BSC employs a diverse workforce nationwide with regional offices in Philadelphia; Norfolk, Va.; Jacksonville, Fla.; San Diego, Calif.; Bremerton, Wash.; and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Serving as the Navy’s leader in secure business and analytical technology, NAVSUP BSC is actively engaged in business and financial operations throughout the DOD and with international partners. Using innovative data access and business intelligence technologies, they provide stakeholders with accurate, timely, and reliable supply chain information.

NAVSUP BSC consists of more than 1,000 personnel who can quickly respond to the changing needs of their customers while producing advanced digital solutions to increase organizational readiness.

NAVSUP BSC’s government workforce is augmented by strategic vendor and educational institution partnerships to deliver advanced learning experiences that put customers first and meet leadership priorities such as:
• Cybersecurity excellence.
• Audit readiness.
• Advanced analytics.
• Mobile solutions.
• Logistics delivery systems.
• Increased return on investments.

As a leader on the stage of digital solutions, NAVSUP BSC serves as the Navy’s premier business system solution provider by incorporating business automation toolsets and advanced analytics to increase operational readiness.

Military: 12
Civilians: 618
Contractors: 467
Total: 1,097




NAVSUP Global Logistics Support Ammunition

NSA Mechanicsburg NAVSUP Global Logistics Support


Building 407

NSA Mechanicsburg Captain Martin

Capt. Paul Martin
Ammunition Director,
Naval Supply
Systems Command,
Global Logistics Support

NSA Mechanicsburg Technical Director Catherine Butler

Catherine Butler
Technical Director,
Ammunition Naval Supply
Systems Command
Global Logistics Support


Mission: Provide comprehensive ordnance logistics management and accountability support to ensure our Naval forces remain a deterrent to war, and should that fail, our Sailors and Marines are fully prepared to render a swift and decisive victory in combat with a minimal loss of life.

NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (GLS) Ammunition in Mechanicsburg serves as NAVSUP’s ordnance Inventory Control Point and logistics support provider for all activities in the Navy and Marine Corps (aviation) that manage conventional ordnance. Program management of web-based logistics and inventory management tools and a global presence of ordnance logistics experts provide front-line support and training to our customers anywhere, anytime. NAVSUP GLS Ammunition develops, implements and administers naval ordnance stockpile management policy.

NAVSUP GLS Ammunition serves as the Program Manager for the Ordnance Information System and as the Navy’s Program Manager for Ordnance Demilitarization.

NAVSUP GLS Ammunition is a department of NAVSUP Global Logistics Support, headquartered in San Diego and commanded by Rear Adm. James McNeal.


Military: 20
Civilians: 86
Total: 106


382nd Engineer Company (SAPPER)

Building 850

Mechanicsburg 2018 382nd Engineer Co Commander

Capt Matthew Sherwood
382nd Engineer
Company (Sapper)

Mechanicsburg 2018 382nd Engineer Co First Sergeant

Timothy King
First Sergeant,
382nd Engineer
Company (SAPPER)


MISSION: Provide engineer platoons that will execute mobility, counter-mobility, survivability and general engineering missions in support of Maneuver Brigade Combat Teams, joint international forces or as part of an engineer team/embarked military force. SAPPER’s provide personnel and equipment for hasty route clearance, dismounted breach, limited counter-mobility capability enabling force application and focused logistics. When augmented, provide deliberate route clearance, mounted breaching, gap crossing, counter-mobility and general engineering capability.

The 382nd Engineer Company (SAPPER) is a member of the United States Army Reserve, and a down trace unit of the 365th Engineer Battalion, Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania; 411th Engineer Brigade, New Windsor, New York; and the 412th Theater Engineer Command, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

In 2011, the 382nd SAPPER Company stood up as one of six total units of its type in the U.S. Army Reserve. In 2014, the unit received orders to move to its current location on Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg.

The 382nd has also proven to be one of the top units in the combat engineering community. In each year from 2012-2016, the 382nd has sent select Soldiers and NCOs to represent higher echelons of command at the USAR Best Warrior Competition. In 2015, the 382nd sent a squad too, and won, the first ever Reserve-wide Sapper Stakes competition. The 382nd maintains a robust and aggressive training schedule, and is excited by the opportunities presented to it as a tenet unit on the NSA-Mechanicsburg.

Full-time military: 4
Full-time civilian: 1
Reserve strength: 103

Navy Operational Support Center, Harrisburg

Building 9

Mechanicsburg 2018 NOCH Commanding Officer

Lt. Cmdr. Mike Vogel
Commanding Officer
NOSC Harrisburg

Mechanicsburg 2018 NOSC Senior Enlisted Advisor

Christian Jiminez
Senior Enlisted Advisor


MISSION: Generate mobilization readiness by providing administrative services, training support and world-class customer service to reserve personnel in support of surge and operational requirements for the Navy and Marine Corps team and joint forces.

VISION: We are in the profession of arms. Our purpose is to fight and win when called upon. Everything we do should be derived from that purpose. Also as professionals we are not just judged by what we do, but also by how we do it. In everything that we do we will be guided by three principals:

1. Do the right thing
2. Treat everyone with dignity and respect
3. Sailors take care of Sailors, and their families.

If we can keep our focus on why we are here and abide by these three principles in all that we do; then we will form a high functioning and cohesive team in the execution of the Navy Reserve mission.

The Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Harrisburg is responsible for the readiness of more than 200 Selected Reserve (SELRES) Sailors who make up 11 diverse units, which provide operational capabilities to their supported active-duty commands Navy-wide.

Units include: 3 NAVSUP units, 2 DLA units, NSF MECH, OPNAV SITE-R, OPS Support, 4MD 2/25, EMF Bethesda Detachment, and a Volunteer Training Unit.

The NOSC is responsible for the mobilization and demobilization process for individual augmentees and supports the families of those Reserve Sailors deployed in support of military operation worldwide.

Our greatest value is defined not only by our ability to support Navy’s mission with military expertise at a lower cost, but also our ability to enhance it with the civilian skills of our Sailors.

The men and women of NOSC Harrisburg are dedicated and willing to put civilian careers on hold to serve in defense of the country.


NOSC Harrisburg personnel conduct in excess of 300 funeral honor details throughout Central Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia each year.

Full-time support: 10
Active duty: 1
Active duty special work: 2

Defense Security Cooperation Agency Information Management & Technology Directorate

DSCA Information Management & Technology Directive


Building 107

DSCA Info Mgmt & Tech Chief Information Officer

Lisa Jollay
Chief Information Officer

DCCA Info Mgmt & Tech Division Chief Policy & Planning

Al’ Tariq Samuels, DCIO
Division Chief
Policy & Planning

DSCA Info Mgmt & Tech Division Chief Business Services

Manish Amin
Division Chief
Business Services

DSCA Info Mgmt & Tech Division Chief Enterprise Application Development

Joe Arnoso
Division Chief
Enterprise Application


MISSION: Advance U.S. national security and foreign policy interests by building the capacity of foreign security forces to respond to shared challenges. DSCA leads the broader U.S. security cooperation enterprise in its efforts to train, educate, advise and equip foreign partners.

DSCA administers security cooperation programs that support U.S. policy interests and objectives identified by the White House, Department of Defense and Department of State. These objectives include developing specific partner capabilities, building alliances and partnerships, and facilitating U.S. access.

DSCA integrates security cooperation activities in support of a whole-of-
government approach; provides execution guidance to DOD entities that implement security cooperation programs; exercises financial and program management for the Foreign Military Sales system and many other security cooperation programs; and educates and provides for the long-term development of the security cooperation workforces.

VISION: Delivers effective, enduring and timely partner capabilities that advance U.S. national security and foreign policy interests. Effective capabilities are built with people, systems and institutions. Enduring capabilities are those that are collective, repeatable and sustainable over time. Timely delivery is based on responsive and innovative processes and authorities, advanced planning and efficiency in our work. Capabilities advance U.S. interests when they result in progress toward objectives in U.S. strategies and plans.


The Directorate of Information Management & Technology manages a portfolio of IT mission systems and services to efficiently enable the DSCA mission for the security cooperation community as outlined in the DSCA Vision 2020 document. IM&T is working toward integrating the security cooperation community with streamlined mission systems and information sharing practices to provide a near real-time view of enterprise community activities, to facilitate organizational learning, to enable strategic decision-making and to efficiently allocate IT resources to successfully support the mission.

IM&T’s organizational structure is aligned by function and highlights IM&T services such as customer and requirements management, portfolio management, application development and support, help desk support and partner relationship management. IM&T introduced its new organizational structure in 2016, showing a commitment to modernizing their approach, which is critical to improving support for the DSCA mission. By redefining IT roles and aligning them with strategic drivers, IM&T will better understand customer and partner priorities, identify gaps in customer requirements, and plan resources effectively.

Civilians: 86



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