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NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support

NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support

Mechanicsburg 2018 NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support


Building 311

Mechanicsburg 2018 Rear Admiral

Rear Admiral Duke Heinz
Systems Support

NSA Mechanicsburg Vice Commander Kohl

Lynn Kohl
Vice Commander,
Systems Support

NSA Mechanicsburg Capt Rudy Geisler

Capt. Rudy Geisler
Deputy Commander,
Ships and Submarines,
Systems Support


MISSION: Provide our Navy, Marine Corps, joint and allied forces program and supply support for the weapon systems that keep our naval forces mission ready.


A field activity of the Naval Supply Systems Command, NAVSUP WSS is the U.S. Navy’s only Program Support Inventory Control Point and supply chain manager providing worldwide support to aviation, surface ship and submarine communities. NAVSUP WSS provides Navy, Marine Corps, joint and allied forces with products and services that deliver combat capability through logistics. The NAVSUP WSS Philadelphia site supports aircraft, while its Mechanicsburg site supports ships and submarines and the Norfolk, Virginia, site provides transportation and distribution and price-fighting expertise.


On Oct. 2, 1995, the Naval Inventory Control Point was established with the merging of the former Aviation Supply Office in Philadelphia and Ships Parts Control Center in Mechanicsburg. The purpose of this merger was to bring together all of the Navy’s Program Support Inventory Control Point functions under a single command. The merger resulted in reduced costs and infrastructure, as well as standardized and more efficient inventory management procedures throughout the supply chain.

In October 2002, the U.S. Navy Price Fighters, recognized as the Department of Defense’s world-class cost and pricing providers who directly support the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Better Buying Power initiatives, became part of NAVSUP WSS. The group is in Norfolk, Virginia.

On July 1, 2011, NAVICP’s name changed to NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support as a result of a Naval Supply Systems Command’s enterprise-wide branding initiative.

In October 2014, the transportation and distribution department transitioned from NAVSUP Global Logistics Support to NAVSUP WSS and became the command’s Code N092. N092, in Norfolk, Virginia, recently became the Transportation and Distribution Directorate (N3) and is responsible for partnering with transportation service providers and distribution process stakeholders to provide world-class services to move personnel and material in support of naval customers throughout the world.

NAVSUP WSS business is Navy readiness. By understanding the complexity of Navy weapon systems program support and life cycle management, NAVSUP WSS is responsive, responsible and accountable to the fleet and Navy leadership and directly contributes to Navy readiness and wartime dominance.


Military: 53
Civilians: 1,092
Contractors: 35
Total: 1,180




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