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NAVSUP WSS Recognizes Employees for Exceptional Support of Customers, People and Processes

NAVSUP WSS Recognizes Employees for Exceptional Support of Customers, People and Processes

Story by Matthew Jones on 08/30/2019

Leaders of Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support, or NAVSUP WSS, recognized the hard work and dedication of its Mechanicsburg-based workforce during its Employee Recognition and Awards Ceremony Tuesday, Aug. 26.

Rear Adm. Duke Heinz, NAVSUP WSS Commander, hosted the annual ceremony, known as ERAC, in lieu of the summer series of quarterly town halls, during which he provides in-person updates and feedback to employees across the command. The two other NAVSUP WSS sitesin Philadelphia and Norfolk, Virginiaheld their own ERAC events earlier in the summer.

“ERAC is one of the best tools available to communicate to every employee that their work is appreciated,” Heinz said. “It’s also crucial that we recognize the efforts that have a demonstrable impact on U.S. Navy supply operations, and we do that by saluting these outstanding folks in front of their peers.”

In addition to the awards ceremony, the command also provides a social luncheon and opportunities for team building.

The afternoon began with an award citation for the entire workforce for its “outstanding performance, noteworthy accomplishments, and steadfast dedication to duty during the past year” as well as “exceptional support of our Top Focus Areas Our Customers, Our People, and Our Processes.” Then, the commander and Vice Commander Lynn Kohl presented awards to more than 200 individuals and team members.

Individual awardees included:

Gordon Kohl, for consolidating resources into an automated report, which accelerated the contract award process and reduced Procurement Administrative Lead Time.

Jacqueline Coble, for training two new supply planners while also performing program management duties for both the Imaging and Surveillance systems.

Chris Holloway, for completing security system updates that allowed multiple base-wide moves to occur on a tight timeline.

Joette Sarver, for qualifying a new vendor for rubber tiles needed in support of the Passive Countermeasure System and for her outstanding program management and customer service.

Sean Tighe, for improving work efficiency by resolving access issues with the Integrated Technical Item Management and Procurement contract writing system.

Jennie Blair and Sarah Glinski, for planning and executing the 2019 ERAC ceremonies.

Team awardees included:

The Asset Return Packaging Team for their support of the Asset Return Project, which led to the development of all requirements within critical deadlines.

The Hazardous Materials UCO Team, for laying the groundwork for improved use of Navy free issue hazardous material and increased Fleet readiness though their innovative approach to filling DLA UCOs.

The DLA 339 Engineering Support Team, for providing effective communication and exceptional work ethic in completing over 2,000 Engineering Support Requests from May 2018 to April 2019.

The Inventory Operations Center, for executing their new mission, meeting challenges and improving processes in the name of audit readiness.

The Management Internal Control Team, for coordinating, reviewing, and producing the NAVSUP WSS 2018 Management Internal Control submission.

The Maritime Organic Component Repair Support Team, for supporting material repair and procurements to both the submarine and surface fleet while overcoming an increase in workload and transitioning through a reorganization.

The CVN Integrated Weapons Systems Team, for overcoming challenges to achieve their highest fill rate in 15 months and reducing UCOs to their lowest point in 20 months.

The Maritime Industrial Support Team, for supporting submarine maintenance and modernization availabilities, while overcoming a workload that has doubled over the past year.

The Littoral POD Team, for supporting Littoral Readiness and achieving a 36% reduction in UCOs and a 7% increase in the Fill Rate.

The LCS Increasing Population Modeling Team, for supporting the LCS Platform and contributing to keeping Fill Rate steady despite experiencing a 40% increase in demand.

The USQ 82 Readiness Tiger Team, for their creative contracting, efficient provisioning, and outstanding customer service, while fulfilling all outstanding requisitions for the Surface Operations Directorate’s number one UCO.

The CRUDES IWST Contracting POD Leaders, for standing up the POD initiative within their code and providing the foundation for teamwork within the new structure.

The Embedded Communications Security Team, for immediately filling three CASREPs that came in during nonduty hours.

The Amphibious Integrated Weapon Systems Team, for reducing back orders by 10% and maintaining a 79% Supply Material Availability while bolstering NAVSUP WSS and DLA’s ability to plan for future Amphibious Class availabilities.

The Hull Mechanical and Electronic Systems Backorder Team, for reducing fleet readiness backorders for Hull Mechanical and Electronic systems by 8% in the last 5 months.

The Common Electronics Integrated Weapon Systems Team, for reducing UCOs, increasing fleet readiness, and improving supply support for the fleet.

The Code N96 Technical Reprocurement Team, for finding innovative ways to process referrals, quickly and securely send classified documents, and process facility clearances while experiencing a dramatic increase in workload.

The Coordinated Shore-based Material Allowance List and Equity List Automation Team, for implementing CELA, which is saving countless man-hours and allowing timelier and more accurate responses to the US Navy’s international allies’ requests.

The Code N52 Equity List Development and Review Team, for identifying the need to fix the functionality of the cooperative logistics supply support arrangement program support code, which ensures that no one country is able to obtain more than its annual forecasted share of assets.

The Fleet Issue Load List Team, for calculating and implementing a new prototype FILL Load for the T-AKE ships.

The NAVSUP WSS SAS Team, for troubleshooting and resolving SAS system stability issues with NAVAIR, NAVSUP BSC and NAVSUP Headquarters, resulting in a more reliable and improved system.

The NAVSUP WSS User Management Team, for implementing a new System Authorization and Access Request requirement for Navy ERP access while simultaneously ensuring NAVSUP WSS completed the annual Navy ERP User Access Review.


NAVSUP WSS is one of eleven commands under Commander, NAVSUP. Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and employing a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel, NAVSUP’s mission is to provide supplies, services, and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter. Learn more at www.navsup.navy.mil, www.facebook.com/navsup and https://twitter.com/navsupsyscom.

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