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There is a New Kid On the Block

Bartlett Coffee originated from the obvious need for a quality coffee without the acidic and bitter bite that many coffees have. From our sampling of national & well known brands, we were initially unable to find that aromatic, flavorful, smoothness and non acidic blend. Most coffee drinkers have come to accept the less than desirable just for the sake of drinking coffee.

During our interviewing of various coffee roasters, we were determined to locate that coffee roaster that we would be proud to represent their premium individualized and various coffee blends. Upon sampling and putting their array of roasts to the sampling team, the consensus was that the needle in the hay stack was found.

It was coming to be realized that not only has a real coffee been tasted but the leader of the pack was no surprise to be hailed and rightfully named as “Wake the Hell Up”. The variety of blends & flavors are vast.

We opened our first trial to the public at a Memphis Trade Show and were amazed at the reception and raving reviews. From a simple conversation at a Memphis trade show to the locating of that perfect coffee, we have now followed by a growing customer base beyond any & all expectation.

Our coffee served hot at all event shows are also available by the bags and delivered to all of our local customers without delivery cost. Give us a shout at 901-409-4503 or www.bartlett-coffee.com

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