NSA Mid-South Community


The Memphis area is blessed with a number of local galleries filled with traditional and contemporary art works. There are four major museums and a long list of galleries and alternative spaces offered by area businesses and organizations.


Memphis is home to numerous theaters offering professional and amateur productions. The city also offers opera, ballet, modern dance and a range of other cultural offerings.


The Memphis Arts Council events ensure Memphis a fine cultural life. Following are events and participants with regular offerings and shows: Memphis Arts Festival; Memphis Brooks Museum of Art; Center for Southern Folklore; Dixon Gallery and Gardens; Memphis College of Art; University of Memphis Art Museum; Memphis Symphony Orchestra; Memphis Concert Ballet; University of Memphis and Rhodes College Music Departments; Opera Memphis; Overton Park Shell; Crossroads Music Exposition; Blues City Cultural Center; Circuit Playhouse; Germantown Community Theater; The Orpheum Theater; Playhouse on the Square; and Theater Memphis. Each group offers a variety of programs.


Outlying cities also have their own facilities. Examples are the Bartlett Performing Arts Center, Collierville’s Harrell Performing Arts Theater, and the Germantown Performing Arts Centre.



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