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Navy Band Mid-South is the United States Navy’s premiere musical organization in the Mid-South region. The professional Navy musicians assigned to the band are all active duty service members performing full-time for the Navy. The ensembles within the band perform music ranging from Bach and Sousa to the most current pop, country and jazz hits.


Operating from Millington, the band is responsible for an 11-state area that stretches north into Indiana and Illinois, west into eastern Colorado and south into Mississippi and Alabama. As well as a traditional military ceremonial unit, the band maintains the following musical ensembles that perform a wide variety of music: Freedom—a dynamic, high-energy group of eight professional Navy musicians, specializing in a variety of today’s popular music; The Little Big Band—a nine-piece jazz group performing music ranging from traditional jazz standards and bebop to smooth jazz and R&B; and the Brass Ensemble—comprised of 11 talented musicians from all over the United States, their repertoire contains a variety of music ranging from light classical to patriotic favorites. Additionally, the Brass Ensemble is particularly well suited to perform instrumental clinics for high school and middle school music departments.


To request one of Navy Band Mid-South’s groups, please contact the operations coordinator at (901) 874-5785. Navy Band Mid-South also conducts official auditions for the Navy Music Program. For assistance and information, contact the audition supervisor at (901) 874-5785.

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