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Navy Manpower Analysis Center

NAVMAC is located on the north side of NSA Mid-South in the Covington Building (C-1), adjacent to the golf course. NAVMAC is a field activity of Navy Personnel Command and reports directly to Chief of Naval Operations (N12) on the OPNAV Staff.


NAVMAC’s mission is to develop and document manpower requirements for all fleet activities within the Navy. NAVMAC provides direct support to the CNO in managing the Navy Manpower Requirements Program; provides manpower requirements determination support for Navy’s acquisition programs and initiatives; administers the officer and enlisted occupational classification structure; provides technical consulting services in all areas of manpower management to manpower managers, manpower claimants and OPNAV sponsors; provides functional management support for assigned manpower Automated Information Systems; provides direct support to CNO central authority to enforce policy or additional technical guidance needed to achieve objectives of total force manpower management; and performs other manpower analysis as directed by higher authority.


The Occupational Classification Programs Department is responsible for the Navy-wide management of occupational standards, and Navy enlisted and Navy officer classification structures.


The Manpower Programs Department provides manpower policy and analysis to shape manpower authorizations, manpower data and shore manpower; provides advice, guidance and technical consulting service to manpower managers and manpower claimants on manpower management; and maintains accuracy of the Total Force Manpower Management System manpower and assigned validation tables.


The Aviation Programs Department determines the quantity and quality of manpower required in a wartime environment for aviation squadrons, afloat Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Departments, Sea Operational Detachments, Van Operational Detachments and CVW staffs. They are responsible for developing new and updating existing aviation staffing standards and mathematical equations used to calculate the requirements necessary to perform prescribed tasking at varying levels of workload.


The Ship Programs Department determines the quantity and quality of manpower required for ships and afloat staffs to fight in a protracted warfare environment or a sustained war. They identify requirements and provide analysis for development of ship/fleet manpower documents.


The Acquisition Programs Department provides accurate, defensible and definable manpower resource data for new acquisition and major system acquisition program offices.


For additional information, visit their website at http://www.navmac.navy.mil.

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