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Navy Operational Support Center

NOSC Memphis and NSA Mid-South have a long and rich history that can be traced to the birth of military aviation itself and to our country’s proudest moments.


NOSC Memphis was first established as Naval Air Reserve Unit Memphis in April 1949. It was a single unit responsible for training aircrew and maintenance personnel for the Naval Reserve. It was redesignated Naval Air Reserve Memphis on  April 1, 1983 along with all NARUs.


The Navy/Marine Corps Reserve Center Memphis and Naval Air Reserve Memphis were merged in 1996 as part of the Base Realignment and Closure actions into what is known today as NOSC Memphis.


From this humble beginning over five decades ago, NOSC Memphis has evolved into the Navy’s finest Reserve Center. One of only two combined Air and Surface Reserve Centers in the nation, NOSC Memphis is now responsible for the training, readiness, manning and funding of all Surface and Naval Air Reserve assets located at NSA Mid-South. There are 28 units assigned to NOSC Memphis that cover nearly all areas of naval combat operations, ranging from Construction Battalions and Intelligence Commands, to Naval Support and Naval Hospitals. There are currently over 619 Selected Reservists assigned to these units.


The mission of NOSC Memphis is to support assigned personnel and equipment in order to maintain a state of readiness and availability, to provide operational support and enable rapid activation in support of full or partial mobilization, be capable of deploying worldwide within 72 hours of call-up; and, in meeting the mission, be the most customer-service oriented NOSC in the nation.


NOSC Memphis is a fully-integrated Naval Reserve team, dedicated to fulfilling their mission and executing the requirements established by the chain of command with absolute dependability and reliability. Resourceful and flexible, NOSC Memphis maintains the highest readiness and provides mission-ready personnel to meet the needs of the Navy with a superior organization, outstanding motivation and pride in command and personal performance. They are trendsetters, committed to establishing the standards of excellence for the Naval Reserve Force.


The essence of the Naval Reserve Force is etched on the granite of countless monuments across our country, dedicated to our country’s citizen Sailors. Each one is a solemn, majestic testimonial to the faithful, selfless service Naval Reservists have sacrificed throughout the history of our great land.

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