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Navy Personnel Command was established on Oct. 1, 1998 as a result of Base ­Closure and Realignment Commission recommendations which relocated several functions of the Bureau of Naval Personnel from Washington, D.C., to Millington.


NPC supports the needs of the Navy by providing the fleet with the right person, in the right place, at the right time. NPC strives to satisfy Sailors’ personal goals and improve their quality of life; to provide them with meaningful and rewarding career opportunities; promote and retain the best; and ensure fair and equitable treatment of all hands, by all hands, at all times.


Concentrated in five buildings, settled in a campus-style complex, NPC is the largest tenant command at NSA Mid-South, with a staff of nearly 2,000 active-duty officers and enlisted, and civilian employees.


The Jamie Whitten Building (S-791), houses the Career Management Department, comprised of more than 500 officer and enlisted detailers responsible for implementing policies regarding officer and enlisted assignments, placement, retention and career progression. They are also responsible for active duty and Reserve enlisted and officer promotions and appointments, officer and enlisted retirement requests, and monitoring programs that affect an individual’s career progression. The Enlisted and Officer Community Managers who relocated from Washington, D.C. recently joined this department. Other Whitten building offices include: Commander, NPC and staff; various offices that support the NPC mission; the Business Operations Department, responsible for the administration of functions relating to naval personnel records, and management of the Navy officer and enlisted evaluation and fitness report systems; the financial and day-to-day business operations of the Bureau of Naval Personnel; and the Corrections and Programs Division, which administers naval correction programs and disciplinary matters.

Wood Hall (Building S-769) is home to the Navy’s selection boards. Using state-of-the-art computer and display systems, selection board members meet in the “tank” to examine the records of thousands of Sailors competing for promotions or applying for special programs. More than 110 administrative and statutory selection boards, comprised of senior Sailors from throughout the fleet, meet in this building each year to help pick the Navy’s leaders of tomorrow.

The Lassen Building (S-457) houses most of NPC’s Fleet Support Department. They supervise various Sailor-facing programs that minister to the needs of Sailors and their family members worldwide, including providing policy and guidance for Navy casualties, career information, internal communications, behavioral health, drug and alcohol prevention programs, retired activities, and the Navy Music Program.

Goetsch Hall (Building S-768) is home to the Operations Department which includes the Center for Career Development. They track the latest information impacting career Sailors, and share that information with the fleet via Career Management Seminars held on Navy ships and shore commands worldwide. The Operations Department is also home to the Customer Service Center, which takes calls from the fleet via (866) U-ASK-NPC to the tune of 300 to 500 calls per day, answering information on career programs, board packages and miscellaneous questions. The NPC Communications Office rounds out the Operations Department in Goetsch Hall, providing up-to-date career and personnel policy information to fleet Sailors via the newly designed BUPERS website, http://www.bupers.navy.mil, articles on Navy NewsStand or via direct-to-Sailor TV spots, career guides and other methods. Goetsch Hall is also home to the Navy Music Program, where detailers for the Navy musicians reside.

The Capodanno Building (S-785) is home to the Navy Personnel Research, Studies and Technology Department that is responsible for conducting studies on business processes throughout the Navy, and evaluating the program effectiveness and relevance of various Navy programs. NPRST has 70 employees: 40 researchers with master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology, economics, operations research, mathematics, statistics and computer science; and 30 support staff. Employees of NPRST possess a unique blend of functional and scientific expertise to perform research on Navy personnel processes. NPRST investigates, develops and validates new technologies, methods and business processes to improve the readiness, performance and quality of life of Sailors and Marines.

The Capodanno Building is also home to the Spishock Technical Library, available to all personnel working at NSA Mid-South. The library houses more than 11,000 books, CD ROMs, audiotapes and videocassettes; 300 current periodical subscriptions; 9,000 bound volumes; and 85,000 technical reports focusing on personnel issues, statistics, psychological assessment, training, quality of life and management. Operated by NPRST, library hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

From official changes of duty station to the implementation of quality of life programs, NPC has a tremendous impact on every Sailor, officer and enlisted, throughout the United States Navy.

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